Historic Home

The historic Museum house is decorated for the holiday season as it would have been during the Civil War. A Della Robbia fruit arrangement in the transom of the front door will welcome guests. Roping on the banister, fresh greens, including cuttings from the almost 160 yearsold boxwoods from the premises. A tree decorated with dried fruit, gilded walnuts, Marzipan fruit candies, gingerbread cookies, antique candle holders, and Civil War flags will take visitors back to a much simpler time. The McLaughlin Hotel epergne on the hall table will be used in a traditional way to display fruit. Bonnie Shockey, president of the museum, will be dressed in Civil War period attire, as the lady of the house, Martha Irwin, may have been in 1860. The dining room, parlors, children’s bedroom, and master bedroom are all furnished with period furniture and oriental rugs – all donations to AAMI. An 1800’s, one-horse, drawn sleigh, made in Mercersburg, will be displayed on the kitchen porch. Light refreshments will be served to museum visitors in both the house and the Barn. Experience this historic Civil-War era home after dusk in the low light of the evening.

Join mother and daughter, Pat and Victoria Beard (clarinetists), and Connie Bishop (bass clarinet), 6:30 to 8:30 PM, in the large parlor of the Museum house. They will play a variety of music, including holiday, from the Civil-War era.

In the Barn

  • Organ Grinder – 6:30 to 7 pm
  • Claus reads ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’
  • Bring your camera for a family photo or selfie
  • Children may make holiday ornaments & decorations with natural & recycled materials plus complimentary hot chocolate & cookies

3 rd Annual Paint Your Own Christmas Ornament with Susan Shaffer of Joyful Arts Studio.

Make a memory and keepsake for Christmas. To sign up for the ornament class, please visit Joyful Arts Studio on Facebook and click on “Events” and scroll down to December 6, 2019. Or you may call Joyful Arts Studio at 717-658-2177 for more information.