The next HISTORYtalk of the Civil War Seminars will be with Scott Patchan on March 30 at 7 p.m. EST via Zoom. His talk will be: Gen. David Hunter and the 1864 Lynchburg Campaign. Following his talk will be a Q&A period.

Talk Synopsis
The history of the Lynchburg Campaign and Maj. Gen. David Hunter has been told repeatedly through the spectrum of the “Lost Cause.” Hunter burns and pillages against innocent rebels on the way to Lynchburg where Gen. Thomas J. Jackson’s old Second Corps under Gen. Jubal Early drives off Hunter in a pitched battle. While it makes a righteous and provocative story line, does it match the full, documented reality of the campaign?

Scott Patchan will present Hunter’s Campaign for Lynchburg to you firmly grounded in the official records and contemporary sources. We will dicsuss the heroes and villains on both sides and assess the campaign in the larger picture of the war, and analyze what Gen. U. S. Grant had hoped to accomplish.

Cost is $5/person, and you will receive a login link upon registering. 

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