Join Conococheague Institute on Thursday, August 26, for a one-time event with your child, ages 6-14. The event requires preregistration and a waiver.

Step back in time to 1777, when The War against England requires a fresh fighting force. The Militia is called up at Old Welsh Run to face this threat. This program will provide an immersive experience for the participants as they are transported back in time to the Frontier during the American Revolution. Participants will follow several of the actions undertaken by Militia in the Revolution, including:

  • Enlistment and Oath of Allegiance – Sign with a quill and pledge loyalty to the new American Establishment
  • Musketry and Drill – March in step with Sergeant Davis and learn all of the maneuvers to outflank the British
  • Firelock Competition – The new child recruits can bet and rate our 2 best marksman in competitions of Speed shooting!
  • Soldiers Lunch – March on your stomach! An authentic Soldiers stew will be served (with an alternative of a cold collation)
  • Fleet of Foot – End the Muster with some healthy rivalry. The officers will put out prizes for those who can prove themselves in various games and competitions. Fleet of Foot, Wisest Wit, and more.

Contact us to Pre-register NOW. Space is limited to 25 participants! To receive a registration form or inquire about the event, email Conococheague Institute at, call 717.328.2800, or see online for more information and upcoming events.