Women’s roles in colonial America are often underrepresented. Join us in celebrating all the contributions that women made, and learn about the hardships they faced.

Our frontier farm makes the perfect location to highlight an everyday woman’s life: From tending the kitchen garden, educating the children, laundry, keeping the hearth, and of course making and mending clothing.

Members of the local colonial sewing circle will be on site throughout the day practicing their craft. Working together as a group or on individual projects, they perform research based textile crafts and interpretation.

Learn more about this fascinating subject, enjoy the camaraderie, and perhaps even put in a few stitches yourself!

Ongoing interactive activities will be occurring throughout the day, with the chance to learn about women’s skills, fashion and lifestyles. Immerse yourself by trying on some of our visitor clothing, or bring a needle and help with some of the community projects. Join our team for a group cricket match in the afternoon, or try your hand at colonial tavern games throughout the day.

This will be a free, in-person, outdoor family-friendly event. Social distancing will be observed.

CI Special Program June 5