The Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society, “Kombucha: Its History, Mystery and Future.”

Thursday February 17th, 2022 * 7:00 PM
The Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society will meet at the State Line Ruritan Building, 15481 Park Drive, located off Route 11 at the State Line, PA Community Park.
Guest speakers are Hope Berger Bigler and William Berger from Franklin County, PA.
Hope Bigler is the owner of Undone Kombucha, a brewery business in Chambersburg, PA.
The program will be “Kombucha: Its History, Mystery and Future.”
Kombucha is a fermented tea enjoyed for its flavor and health benefits.
The presenters will share the history of this ancient beverage and present the process of making Kombucha.
They will discuss ancient myths of health cures surrounding this drink, its current acceptance in the USA, and its future.
The public is invited, free.  Visit or call 301-739-0357.


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