Jan 22 2022


4:00 pm

Birding Field Trip: Short-eared Owls, The Institute

Saturday, January 22nd, 2022 * 4:00 PM
Birding Field Trip: Short-eared Owls
Let’s travel to Gettysburg for a special winter afternoon birding excursion, in search of Short-eared Owls.
Arrive at 3:00 PM for this special excursion in search of the Short-eared Owl at Gettysburg!
The trip is led by ornithologists Larry and Sharon Williams, who also led our bi-monthly SOAR bird walks. 
The trip is free. Participants provide their own transportation and will meet at Gettysburg Battlefield.
Rendezvous location will be provided upon registration. 
Unlike many owls, Short-eared hunt over fields and meadows during the daytime, which provides an amazing opportunity to observe their graceful flight and hunting behaviors. When the owls are present, there can be several hunting in the same area on nearby fields.
“If we are fortunate enough to encounter multiple owls, then we may be able to hear their vocalizations and see interactions between them,” said Dave Graff, Institute faculty member and event coordinator.
Short-eared Owls are medium-sized owls with rounded heads. The “ears” mentioned in their name are difficult to see but darkened feathers around their yellow eyes creates a stunning visual contrast. The wings are broad, and the tips are smoothly rounded. The tail is short.
The owls are medium brown spotted with buff and white on the upper parts, and the face is pale with yellow eyes accentuated by black outlines. The breast is heavily streaked with brown; the chest and belly are pale or buff. They hunt during daylight, flying low over short vegetation. They flap with stiff beats of their rounded wings, giving their flight a buoyant, mothlike quality. Look for Short-eared Owls in grasslands and open areas, where they perch in low trees or on the ground.
Cost: FREE. This trip is limited to 12 participants. Pre-registration is required by January 17th. For more information or to register, email to:

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