Gallery Reading at Franklin County Visitors Center

Wednesday April 13th, 2022 * 7:00 PM
Have you lost a loved one and wish to connect with them?
Medium and Arthur of “My Head Knows.. But My Heart Still Hurts”, Stacey Niedentohl, is hosting a gallery reading at
Franklin County Visitors Center
15 South Main Street
Chambersburg Pa
Stacey is a respected Medium, Arthur and Spiritual Healer.
During the gallery reading, Stacey will walk through the audience and channel messages from the other side using mediumship and psychic skills.
She will communicate and pass on as many readings as possible.
There are no guarantees of who will come through.
The gallery will be followed by a book signing.
Bring your book with you or purchase them the night of the reading.
Whether you or someone else receives a message, it is amazing to witness Stacey channel and deliver messages from the other side.
Tickets are $45 per person – Sign up Here
*By purchasing a ticket or attending an event by Connecting To Spirit With Stacey, you understand and agree that it is for entertainment purposes only. Readings are not guaranteed. Events are non-refundable and may sell out in advance. Refunds are not permitted. Please also be advised that Stacey Niedentohl, is not a medical professional or attorney and the information channeled is not intended to constitute legal, financial, medical or any other professional advice. Connecting To Spirit With Stacey will not be held liable for actions you take upon receiving or attending a reading.

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