Geology Rocks! Program with Jeri Jones at The Institute

Thursday April 7th, 2022 * 7:00 PM – 8:00 PM
In partnership with the Franklin Co. Rock & Mineral Club
Geologist Jeri Jones returns to present another FUN, fascinating look into our shared geological history. 
In partnership with Franklin Co. Rock & Mineral Club.
Geologist Jeri Jones presents a tour of eastern Pennsylvania’s geology.
Topics include rocks, minerals and fossils, the Ice Age, cool locations to visit—plus, learn how everything formed over the past one billion years. 
The geology of eastern Pennsylvania covers a span from about a billion years ago when we were part of a supercontinent named Rodinia.
Over time, the landmass split apart and an ocean known as the Lapetus formed. 
About 350–150 million years ago, the area experienced continental collision, which formed another supercontinent named Pangaea and broke apart into the world we know today. 
Finally, the Ice Age was the latest chapter written in our geologic history, which created extensive weathering and erosion.
Questions are welcome and samples of minerals and fossils will be available.
The program is free but registration is required. Call 717-762-0373 or email to
Jeri will lead a carpool-style field trip exploring local geology on April 9—check it out here!

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