Apr 09 2021


8:00 am - 6:00 pm



Homeschool Day, Exploring Nature & History at Conococheague Institute

Thursdays April 29th & May 27th, 2021 * 10:00 AM to 2:30 PM
Environmental & Historical Programs
Students will attend a nature-based session and a history-based session, with programs determined by age.
The Institute’s nature program for grades K to 3 is “Sydney’s Wonder Web.” With spider puppet, Sydney, students learn about the parts of nature, how plants and animals depend on each other and on nonliving elements of nature for food, shelter and hiding places, and about predator-prey relationships.
For grades 4 to high school, students will attend “Wetlands.” They learn about the three types of wetlands and examine the plants, animals, and soils of these special ecosystems. Students also learn about the benefits of wetlands and why they are valuable to humans ecologically, aesthetically and economically.
“We look forward to engaging the homeschool community on the Conococheague Institute’s beautiful campus,” said The Institute’s executive director, Tracy Holliday. “In addition to a historic backdrop featuring frontier history interpretation, the wild meadows, woodland trails and wetland areas offer a perfect outdoor classroom for interpreting the natural world. It’s exciting to forge this new educational partnership that brings together exceptional educators in two disciplines, setting the stage for a day of learning and fun.
The program fee is $12 per student, per day. Pre-payment is required. To register for this program, choose your preferred date (April 29 or May 27) and email:
Matt Wedd at:
For more information, call The Institute at 717-762-6133 or CI at 717-328-2800. For more info on CI, visit
For more info on The Institute, visit


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