Play Like An Artist: Still Life Basics Council for the Arts -Chambersburg

Tuesday March 28th, 2023 * 6:00 PM – 8:00 PM
Play Like An Artist with Deb Slocum
Still Life Basics Class
In this beginner’s level class you’ll learn how to set up a basic still life, proper lighting, composition and layout and then begin creating your own still life painting or drawing in your choice of mediums.
The instructor will have some basic materials you can create a still life with, but if you want to continue working on your still life setup afterwards, it is suggested that you bring your own objects or flowers that you’re interested in working from.
Basic drawing supplies, acrylics or watercolors will be available, but you are also welcome to bring and use your own if you plan on continuing to work on your piece after the class.
The best works of art start with a strong foundation, and this class will help you with getting off on the right foot!
Check out our other Play Like An Artist classes to explore new mediums and just have fun!
This ongoing series of stand-alone classes will have you finding and celebrating your inner-artist.
Take one or take them all!
These are the classes for those who say they can’t draw a stick figure, the hot-mess-express artists, artists who want to explore new mediums and techniques, loosen up, and just have FUN!
We don’t care if you’re a complete newbie or have been dabbling in the arts for years.
You’ll learn basic art theories peppered into the classes but the focus is on having fun!
Leave the stuffiness at the door and come explore with Deb!
You’ll explore lots of mediums, techniques and subject matters.
Just bring your favorite beverage and a willingness to create!
Classes will be held at the Council for the Arts on select Tuesday evenings from 6-8 pm.
Suggested Ages: Teen-Adult
Costs vary depending on class | Maximum Students: 15
Register EARLY! 

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