Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites the public to celebrate Franklin County art with a new permanent exhibit of a 12-ft. tree called the Tree of Light. Crafted by local artist Brandii Kligge, the sculpture is made of honeysuckle vine and woven into a tree-shaped sculpture. Laced into the vines are 53 leaves with inspirational words. It is the largest piece of art Kligge created in her lifetime. The Tree of Light is attached to the center column in the lobby of the Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center and is easy-to-see as visitors enter.

Throughout September, the 11/30 Visitors Center is celebrating the Tree of Light by holding a drawing for Art is Awesome in Franklin County. The winner of the drawing will receive $60 gift certificates to The Foundry in downtown Chambersburg, Gallery 50 in downtown Waynesboro, and The Cumberland Shop in downtown Shippensburg. Also included in the package are dinner at Falafel Shack and two tickets to a 2023-2024 Capitol Theatre show. The total value of the packages is $300. The public is invited to stop by the Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center to see the inspiration of the Tree of Light and enter the Art Is Awesome giveaway. To find out more about the Art Is Awesome giveaway or enter online, visit here.

The Tree of Light evolved from another tree artist Brandii Kligge crafted, the Wedding Tree. Earlier in 2023, the Wedding Tree was part of the IceFest exhibit at the 11/30 Visitors Center. When the tree moved to another location for display, the space looked bare. So, Franklin County Visitors Bureau asked Kligge to craft a tree as a permanent exhibit for the 11/30 Visitors Center.

“As I worked on the Tree of Light, I had an idea of what was needed for the Visitors Bureau. The more I worked on the tree, it evolved into an instrument to give peace and appreciation to others,” said Kligge.

Discover more about the inspiring sayings of the Tree of Light and learn about the artist Brandii Kligge here.