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Flat Ben

Franklin County is named for Ben Franklin. Flat Ben is the ultimate ambassador of Franklin County. He is Franklin County’s version of Flat Stanley. Click here to print Ben. Color him and cut him out. Then, make him a part of what you are doing. Snap a picture of what you and Flat Ben are doing…planting seeds, cooking, singing, or just being silly.

Send your shots of you and Flat Ben to Be sure to tell us a quick description of what you and Flat Ben are doing and include your first name and last initial or the initials of your first, middle, and last name. We will post these on Fun in Franklin County on and

Benjamin Franklin & Franklin County!


A likeness of Benjamin Franklin sits on top of the Franklin County courthouse. Why Ben Franklin? Benjamin Franklin is the namesake of Franklin County. When Franklin County was formed in September 9, 1784, the legislature named the new county for Benjamin Franklin.

Today, the Ben Franklin on the courthouse cupola is a fiberglass casting of the original 1865 statue, which was an 8-ft. pine likeness, leafed in gold and carved by Frederick Mayer. The statue was restored in 1991 by local craftsmen. Today, the restored figure resides in the window of the Chambersburg Heritage Center.

Spring Planting DIY:
Newspaper Pots

Franklin County is a top grower of vegetables and fruits in Pennsylvania, and encourages everyone to try a little gardening.

Spring is here. Get an early start on this year’s garden and start seedlings indoors. Try making your own “newspaper pots.” Here is how:

  • Gather newspaper, black and white, with as few pictures as possible and no colored photos or sections. 
  • Find a 28-oz. can.
  • Take the newspaper and find the double spreads. Cut them to be singles to make all sheets single.
  • Fold single newspaper sheets in half lengthwise.
  • Tightly roll the newspaper around the can. Try to keep the paper aligned, but don’t be overly concerned. It will work out. Roll all the newspaper around the can.
  • Flip the whole thing over and press the newspaper down a bit with the can inside.
  • Gently remove the can from the paper.
  • Add soil to the ¾-level. The soil gives the pot rigidity.

Now, plant your favorite seeds and watch them grow.

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These bright little birds are sure to brighten your backyard!  Welcome them with this fun and easy recipe! 

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Hummingbird Coloring Page


Check out these yummy kid friendly recipes! If you have a recipe to share, send it to  Videos welcome too!

Chocolate Chip Banana Muffins

Peanut Butterflies

Soft Sprinkle Pudding Cookies

Spring Greens & Hot Bacon Dressing

Learn more about Franklin County Forts and to download Fort Loudoun Coloring sheet, click here

Be creative! build your own fort at home and have fun!
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Let your imagination fly!  Make your own story by filling in the details!  More info here

Franklin County appreciates BEES!

To learn more about these awesome little busy bees, click here


Hiking is fun! Explore the many trails in Franklin County!  Don’t forget to snap a pic and share it with us on Facebook!

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Hi! I’m Ben Franklin!

Spring has arrived! Click here to color me!
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WORD SEARCH!  A fun way to learn about Franklin County!

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