Harriet Lane is the First Lady of Franklin County. Born in Mercersburg and reared by her uncle, fifteenth President James Buchanan, she served as the First Lady of the nation from 1857 to 1861. Franklin County Visitors Bureau is proud of her contributions and honored to share her home. In celebration of Harriet Lane, Franklin County Visitors Bureau invites the public to join in honoring Harriet Lane at a Garden Party Tea, held at James Buchanan Pub, on June 10, 12:30 PM to 3 PM. Cost per person is $35, and tickets are available here.

Hats are a tradition of garden parties, so every participant is invited to wear a hat. Feel free to craft a special one or wear a favorite. Franklin County Visitors Bureau will be awarding prizes to those wearing hats. Recognized will be Most Elegant, Most Springtime Inspiration, and Harriet’s Pick.

The site of the tea is the historic home of the Buchanan Family, built in 1796 by James Buchanan, Sr. It was the boyhood home of President James Buchanan. Across the street is the Lane family home, built in 1828 by Thomas Lane and occupied by Elliott Lane. Elliott Lane married Jane Buchanan, who was President Buchanan’s younger sister. Elliott and Jane Lane were the parents of Harriet. By age ten, Harriet was orphaned. Her mother died in 1839 and her father in 1840. Her uncle James became her guardian, and she went to live with him in Lancaster. Attendees of Tea at the Harriet Lane Garden Party will learn a little more about the Buchanan-Lane history.  In addition, each will receive a compilation of articles written by Joan C. McCulloh about Harriet Lane Johnston, gathered for The Harriet Lane Johnston Symposium, which was organized by the Mercersburg Historical Society on June 10, 2015, and held at the Edwards Room in Keil Hall at Mercersburg Academy.

The menu for the tea includes finger sandwiches of egg salad, cucumber, and special chicken salad along with fruit, petit four, scone, and muffin. A variety of teas will be served as well as a choice of non-alcoholic sparkling cider or a mimosa. Each participant of Tea at the Harriet Lane Garden Party receives a keepsake teacup.

Join Franklin County Visitors Bureau for a fun afternoon in a one-of-a-kind, historic location to remember Harriet Lane, First Lady of Franklin County and the nation.