A holistic approach to health brings togetherphysical, mental and spiritual well-being. Eating, moving, thinking and sleeping are partners in making healthy people. A daily walk, a crossword or Sudoku puzzle, some fresh vegetables and plenty of water make a good foundation for a balanced mind-body system. Holistic health practices such as Yoga, massage, flotation, essential oil use and salt caves help balance mind, body and life. Explore well-being in Franklin County.

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Practicing yoga improves energy, focus, flexibility, and concentration.  For many, it is a welcome reset in the business of daily life.

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Breathe and relax in one of Franklin County’s salt caves.  Halotherapy, using salt vapors promotes energy and vitality while relaxing and calming the nervous and lymphatic systems.

Franklin county


For muscle relaxation, better sleep, help with injuries and chronic pain management, including migraines and inflammation, as well as, decreased stress and anxiety try a float.

Franklin county


An easy way to bring harmony to mind and body is a daily walk.  Walking is low impact, and is a good way to boost energy.  It helps with digestion and burns calories.


Practicing yoga improves energy, focus, flexibility, and concentration. For many, it is a welcome reset in the business of daily life.

Cumberland Valley Martial Arts and Yoga Center on Sunset Boulevard in Chambersburg has a several instructors and classes, including vinyasa flow yoga, restorative yoga, detoxification yoga, and styles that emphasize core strength and slow-flow styles. It is “yoga with a kick” as the center also offers martial arts. — 201 Sunset Blvd E, Chambersburg, PA

On Monterey Lane in Blue Ridge Summit, Synergy Massage & Wellness Center specializes in body work, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and lymphatic massage. Classes are also offered such as Feldenkrais classes to teach an exercise therapy that reorganizes connections between brain and body. Other classes include Core Alignment and Qigong Self-Care Classes. Reiki and reflexology are offered, too. — 13593 Monterey Lane, Blue Ridge Summit, PA

In downtown Chambersburg, Lotus Moon Gallery & Yoga is dedicated to holistic health with yoga and workshops designed to nourish the body and spirit. Workshops focus on essential oils, crystals, reiki training, mindfulness, and reflexology. — 27 North Main Street, Chambersburg, PA


For relaxation and to ease pain, try a float at Oasis Float Company, off Franklin Farm Lane in Chambersburg, A float session takes place in a pod with a state-of-art filtration system. Epsom salt creates a buoyancy with warm, skin temperature water and leads to mental and physical benefits. The effect of floating increases dopamine and endorphin levels to help relieve stress, help with injuries, and eliminate chronic pain, including migraines and inflammation.

After 30-45 minutes of floating the mind begins producing theta brainwaves, which occur between the waking and sleeping state. These add to concentration, improve problem-solving skills and help increase energy. Epsom salt, which is magnesium sulfate, helps nerves and muscles function, facilitates calcium absorption, and supports the immune system. — 154 Franklin Farm Lane, Chambersburg, PA



Breath and relax in one of Franklin County’s salt caves. Halotherapy, using salt vapors, has many benefits to the body, promoting energy and vitality while relaxing and calming the nervous and lymphatic systems. Salt boosts moods, and a visit to the salt cave is like a day at the beach.

Chambers’ Wellness Center, inside Chambers Apothecary at 278 Lincoln Way East is filled with 17,000 pounds of salt imported from the Himalayan Mountains. Book a session or try yoga or a massage in the salt cave. An infrared sauna and ionic footbaths are also offered. — 278 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg, PA

Shabath Mineral Wellness Salt Cave on Limekiln Drive in Chambersburg opened its salt cave in 2013 and offers a variety of halotherapy sessions. The salt contains 84 minerals and trace elements to help cell functions. Other services include infrared massage therapy, infrared sauna, plus hand and foot detox therapy. — 427 Limekiln Drive, Chambersburg, PA

Heart and Soul Salon on Henry Lane in Chambersburg is the newest salt cave in Franklin County. Filled with Himalayan Salt, the cave promotes the body’s natural healing and can provide relief of allergies, asthma, headaches, and dermatitis. The salt is absorbed in breathing and through the skin. In addition, massage, manicures and pedicures plus a variety of salon services, are offered as well as reflexology and infrared sauna. — 1430 Henry Lane, Chambersburg, PA


An easy way to bring harmony to mind and body is a daily walk. With four state parks and 36 municipal parks, Franklin County gives many choices to enjoy greenery, birds chirping, and mountain views. Plus, the tree-lined streets of Chambersburg, Greencastle, Mercersburg, Shippensburg, and Waynesboro all offer downtown walks of history and architecture.

Walking is low-impact and is a good way to boost energy, help digestion, burn calories, and keep bones healthy. Try one of these walks or easy hikes as a way of exploring the beauty and culture of Franklin County.


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