On November 13th, visit Fort Loudoun and time travel to 1765 to witness the clash between civilians and soldiers, that happened here, 10 years before the American Revolution. Immerse yourself in history by choosing sides!

Do you side with Justice William Smith and his loyal volunteers? Or, do you support Sgt. McGlashan and his brave Highlanders? Live the history of the Allegheny Uprising. Take an in-depth look at the events of 1765 that made up the Allegheny Uprising aka. Black Boys Rebellion, featuring an interactive and immersive experience, including:.

  • Pack Train & Skirmish at Widow Barrs: See the action unfold before your eyes.
  • You’re the Jury: Listen to the testimonies of both sides; the British Garrison and Justice Smith’s rebels.
  • YOU DECIDE: Side with who you believe is correct.
  • Historic displays: inside and outside.
  • Museum and gift shop will be open.

Admission is free. Join the historic Fort Loudoun family and friends at the fort site, 1720 North Brooklyn Road, Fort Loudon, PA on Saturday, November 13, Noon to 5 PM. To be part of the history, please be on time!

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