Tourism Partner Spotlight: Cumberland Valley School of Music

Tourism Partner Spotlight: Cumberland Valley School of Music

The Cumberland Valley School of Music is a non-profit organization celebrating 31 years of music education in 2020 with programs that teach orchestral and band instruments, voice, piano, guitar, drama and theatrical techniques and Suzuki piano with numerous classes for all ages! CVSM welcomes all with open doors to participate in lessons, classes, workshops, ensembles and concerts. They believe that “music can enrich everyone’s life!”

Founded in 1990 and housed in Thomson Hall on the Wilson College Campus with multiple satellite locations throughout Franklin County including; 42 Center Square in Greencastle, 32 W Main Street in Waynesboro, St. John Lutheran Church in Mercersburg and John Wesley UMC in Hagerstown, CVSM encourages all to chose what is most valuable to them through their core values. CVSM teaches students to maximize their potential with an unlimited commitment to serve individuals of all ages, aptitudes and interests with a supportive commitment to build a community based on mutual respect among faculty, students, alumni and other arts organizations. The Cumberland Valley School of Music values the important belief that music is vital to the human experience and is not expendable while upholding a commitment to excellence through quality instruction.

The Cumberland Valley School of music is open and offers online options for instruction, rentals for band and orchestra instruments online in addition to in-person classes. For a full line-up of available classes, click here.

For more information about CVSM, connect with them on Facebook  and online at, call 717-261-1220 or e-mail for questions, upcoming classes and performance information.

Music Spotlight: Mike Quinlivan

Music Spotlight: Mike Quinlivan

On this week’s Music Spotlight, we feature a musician who is a local Franklin County resident. Introducing, Mike Quinlivan.

At an early age, Mike fell in love with music. As a young boy, he loved singing, and soon became intrigued by the expressive sound of stringed instruments. Starting on violin and viola, what ultimately grabbed his attention was the guitar. The variety of guitar music surrounded him, and it became the instrument he set out to master.

Growing up, Mike surrounded himself with many varieties of musical genres with blues and jazz piquing his interest the most. The musical works of jazz composers like Miles Davis, Thelonius Monk, and Jim Hall opened his mind to the world of possibilities in music. Soon to follow were world-renowned jazz and blues guitar players, Robben Ford, Mike Stern, and John Scofield. Then there was the innovative playing of early jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery and the raw and highly emotional playing of the great Rory Gallagher that really fed the fuel to Mike’s fire. All of these musicians set the stage on which Quinlivan wanted to walk.

There was something about jazz that seemed so freeing and expressive. It gave Mike the creative reigns that he so desperately desired. Jazz music emphasizes improvisation, and that aspect of jazz music really appealed to Quinlivan. It is certainly apparent when he is performing live.

When performing live, the music becomes a state of meditation for this musician. This is mainly as a direct result of Mike’s improvised nature of playing. When playing, he has one goal he always aims to achieve. In his words, “I try to achieve a level of musicianship where I am no longer playing music and instead, having a conversation.” In Mike’s experience, this is when he witnesses audience members dance, smile, or pensively contemplate human existence. “That’s when the music is happening”, Quinlivan says, “otherwise, it is almost like some one just listening to a radio or a record.” There is no change, no variation. Improvisation is like adding spice to a meal, making it tasty and something to remember.

Mike will soon be releasing his debut EP titled Blue Gadjo on every major streaming platform and frequently posts videos on Instagram so be sure to follow him at @mikequinlivanmusic. Mike Quinlivan is also an active music educator, teaching privately and at Cumberland Valley School of Music.

Fall Fest at Country Creek Produce Farm

Fall Fest at Country Creek Produce Farm

Saturday, Oct. 31 from 10am – 10pm enjoy all your favorite fun plus MORE surprises at the spectacular Fall Fest at Country Creek Produce (sponsored by Rotary Club of Chambersburg.) Discover more than 20 activities around the farm and from 5pm -10pm enjoy live music from Rich Fahle then at 7pm a firework show will light up the sky! Check out the event page here for all the details and admissions rates!

Music Spotlight: Arnold “Pnut” Small

Music Spotlight: Arnold “Pnut” Small

On this week’s Music Spotlight, the focus is thrown to a humble musician who enjoys sharing his passion and superb talent with those around him. Welcome Pnut to the Music Spotlight Family!

Arnold “Pnut” Small is a local musician residing in the historic area of Gettysburg in Adams County, PA. He is originally from New Hampshire and then moved to Florida at the age of 15 before making his way to PA. According to his wife, Babs Small, Pnut has been tickling guitar strings since he was about 6 or 7 years old. Since then, Pnut has utilized his time mostly for honing and sharpening his skills as a guitar player. The results certainly ring true when watching him in a live setting. His playing is articulate and well thought out. It is almost surgical to the point where he knows when a quick, wordy guitar run is necessary for the integrity of a tune. Then again he also knows when less is more, keeping his playing to simple melodies and guitar licks.

During his time living in Florida, Pnut grew an infatuation for southern rock, mostly at the hands of Lynyrd Skynyrd. That is not to say that influences stop there. His uncle Roy taught him the importance of practice and diligence. And Roy gave Pnut clear instruction on how to do it properly. At the age of 12, Roy recruited young Pnut for his band Franklin Falls Junction. Eventually, Pnut was introduced to the world of Bluegrass thanks to another mentor by the name of Leslie “Bozo’ Keyser. A big bluegrass guy, Bozo was integral in fostering Pnut’s love for music. In Keyser’s eyes, music was to be felt not just played.

Through Pnut’s career as a musician, he has collaborated and played in many bands. Two reputable bands worth mentioning would be Sabotage and Jakob Kane. He has also had the honor of sharing the stage with well known acts like Greg Allman, Marshall Tucker Band, Jimmy Hall, the Oak Ridge Boys and many, many more. Currently, he plays lead guitar and provides vocals for a band called “From the Grey” which is a 5 piece band out of Adams County. They are on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to search them through both platforms!

By nature and through his experiences as a musician, Pnut has become an incredibly humble musician and individual. It shows through his passion and attitude. Pnut says that without the people and fellow musicians around him, he is nothing. He certainly does not want to or intend to take any one for granted. To him, connections are priceless. Whether he is playing for one individual or one hundred individuals, he always makes an honest attempt to play like he is playing for a million people.

If you want to know more about Pnut, he is on Facebook both via his personal page as well as through connecting with his band From the Grey. Here is a short clip of him playing at a Welcome Center in Virginia! Check out his music here!

Contributed by: Evan Crider

Tourism Partner Spotlight: Music Makers

Tourism Partner Spotlight: Music Makers

During unusual times when it’s been a challenge to connect, music brings life through the many emotions triggered by listening to a song, the emotional release of writing, sharing new discoveries with friends or the joy of performing your own words or a heartfelt rendition of a classic during a live or virtual performance! We’ve seen a lot of mainstream and local artists since the beginning of the pandemic share this gift in creative ways and right here in our own back yard is an organization that is bringing all of this home.

Music Makers located on 46 West Main Street, Waynesboro  was created as a collaboration between the Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro and the Cumberland Valley School of Music with a mission to provide a community center for music, forums, workshops, classes, jam sessions and live performances to the Waynesboro and surrounding communities.

Launched in 2016, there always seems to be an opportunity and buzz about Music Makers who offer FREE, live musical entertainment by local musicians on Friday’s from 5:30-8pm at Music Makers or Main Street Park, keep up with the next live show here. They also host Open Mic Nights which are currently on pause, but there are plans for it to return creating an opportunity for performers of all ages and talents to practice, showcase or just simply have a good time! Performers and music lovers alike are invited to enjoy all the shows hosted by Music Makers!

Another opportunity Music Makers offers is their Songwriters Forum where area musicians are invited to join the group along with fellow musicians to collaborate and develop their songwriting skills. The group meets on the first Monday of each month.

Music Makers invites you to follow them on social media and to also sign-up for weekly emails for all the need-to-know information on upcoming events, live streams, workshops and more! They also provide a great Q&A section on their website, here, featuring local musicians.

If you choose to enjoy Music Makers and their events in-person they ask that everyone adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear a mask and respect capacity limits. Most of the programs offered are FREE of charge and are able to function thanks to their wonderful volunteers. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated to help keep Music Makers able to bring, arts, music and performances to the community a little or no cost.

Stay connected through song at:

717-655-2500 / / / Facebook: @musicmakerswboro / Instagram: @destinationarts_aagw

Contributed by: Lauren Formosa