Banner Contest Winning DesignsWe have a winner…or three of them, actually.

A team of artists in the area recently judged drawings, paintings and photographs submitted as part of Mainstreet Waynesboro’s contest in which members of the community were invited to design a series of new banners that are expected to be displayed on light poles along Main Street starting this spring.

The list of winners includes Jenny Song and Nick Stouffer, a pair of students at the Waynesboro Area Senior High School, and Andrea Holmes, an amateur artist who resides in town but teaches in Fairfield.

“We know that a lot of artistic talent exists in this community, and we were impressed by the high level of entries that we received,” said Carrie Giauque, chairperson of the banner contest and a member of MSW’s design committee. “The three winning designs will surely enhance the heart of Waynesboro’s downtown district once the banners are created in the coming weeks.”

All participants in the contest were asked to illustrate the theme of “Waynesboro of Olde,” reflecting an attribute or location in the town’s history. Song’s submission featured several storefronts along East Main Street under a bright blue sky. Stouffer included landmarks such as Renfrew Museum, the clock tower above Borough Hall and the recently renovated Waynesboro Theatre. Holmes painted the turret atop The Oller House.

All three winners received a cash prize of $100.00. Their work is scheduled to remain on the light poles located between Grant Street and Broad Street until the end of 2017.

There are also plans to display all of the entries in the contest in one of the art galleries on Main Street within the next month or two.

To offset the cost of creating the banners, Mainstreet Waynesboro is currently seeking sponsorships from businesses and individuals who would like to be recognized at the bottom of each one. A total of 40 of these opportunities exist, and sponsors can claim multiple banners if they so desire. The cost is $200.00 per banner, and available space may also allow for the inclusion of logos, slogans or websites.

Anyone interested in making a contribution to the cause is asked to call the office of Mainstreet Waynesboro at 717-762-0397 or send an e-mail to