Joyful Arts Studio, located at 21 East Baltimore Street in Greencastle is turning seven years old. Joyful Arts continues to make people happy, help them enjoy their own creativity, and reach out to share a positive message with as many women as possible. Owner Susan Shaffer says Joyful Arts Studio continues to be her labor of love. “Today, as Joyful Arts moves toward its seventh year, I have to pinch myself to believe I am doing what I wanted so much to do. It was amazing to showcase Joyful Arts Studio to Malerie Yolen-Cohen and be highlighted in Getaway Mavens blog and Huffington Post.”

Joyful Arts Studio was also highlighted in a Franklin County PA experience in “35 Great Immersive Tours and Experiences in Northeast USA.”

Susan said, “Having others recognize what Joyful Art Studio contributes is so rewarding. It helps others to understand the power of art on a personal level. Art can transform lives by growing self-confidence and creating something to feel pride in.” Wilson College Alumni recognized the importance of the work Shaffer does at Joyful Arts Studio. She received the Distinguished Adult Degree Award for her passion and persistence. In particular, the therapeutic art classes were recognized. These classes are especially for women and address surrendering control, trusting intuition, and free self-expression. The classes incorporate using words, sharing feelings with others, color expression, and use of unconventional items as art tools. The session also addresses the realism of perfection and fleeting values.

Art is powerful, and Shaffer wants to continue to develop and work with others to realize art’s ability to support, heal, and escape the cares of life. Shaffer summed it up nicely, “Joyful Ars Studio is my confidence place, and I want to share it with others.”

Join Joyful Arts Studio on Thursday, March 8, to celebrate International Women’s Day with a chance to paint a wineglass. Friday, March 9, concludes Joyful Arts Studio’s 6th year of business. To celebrate, a student art show will be on exhibit in the studio from 1 PM to 6 PM. As well, the art exhibit can be viewed on Saturday, March 10, 10 AM to 4 PM, as Joyful Arts kicks off its 7th year. Also, on Saturday is a reception from 1 PM to 4 PM for student artists. Relax and enjoy the creativity of others. Plus, visitors can imagine what adding art to their own life can do.  Help Joyful Arts Studio celebrate by signing the Joys and Gratitude journal at the student art exhibit. Look for the Joys and Gratitude journal online, also

Joyful Arts Studio is non-franchise and independently owned. It offers a variety of original classes year-round. Some are simply an evening art project. Others are theory classes, based on the level of student. All art theory classes offer one-on-one instruction in mediums such as watercolor, oil, acrylic, pencil drawing, batik silk scarf, wine glass painting, pencil drawing, and mixed media. For more on upcoming classes,