The Stitches in Time Barn Quilt Trail includes more than three dozen quilt squares spread throughout Franklin County, PA. Some are inspired by traditional quilt patterns and family designs. Others stell a piece of local history or family stories. Between each square the many stories of Franklin County.

Barn quilt trails are in 45 states and evn extend across the border into Canada. Barn quilt trails showcase communities, share beautiful landscapes, and commemorate family and friends.

The Stitches in Time guidebook begins at the Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center, but you can start the trail anywhere. Enjoy the beauty of Franklin County, the stories of the quilt squares, beautiful views, and some history between each host site.

Want to join the fun and host a free barn quilt square on your barn, home or business? Contact Franklin County Visitors Bureau at 717.552.2977 or email