Franklin County CTA Certification Class

Franklin County CTA Certification Class

Help us spread the word! We are preparing for our 1st CTA Certification Class in 2021!
On Thursday, February 4th we will be hosting an in-person certification from
9:00 AM – 1:00 PM followed by a web-based certification from 2:00 PM – 5:30 PM.
We have the entire day reserved for the web-based class should there be a spike in COVID-19 or inclement weather.
Please help us spread enthusiasm for the FCCTA program and bring a new class of excited individuals to this amazing program.
CTA Spotlight on Tyler Baum

CTA Spotlight on Tyler Baum

Tyler Baum personifies one of the top CTA rules about Going the Extra Mile. As a technology advisor for Marco, the miles rack up as he sees current Marco customers and engages new clients throughout the Cumberland Valley. What sets Tyler apart from other sales people, and what makes him a stellar CTA, is his ability to listen and his enthusiasm for going above and beyond customer expectations.

“I love the sales world; there’s obviously pros and cons with people having the perception that all we want to do is sell, sell, sell. I like to create relationships and get down to what the customer needs and wants. Whether it’s with their office equipment, or having documents shredded, or the other services that we provide.” Working at Phillips Office Solutions (which Marco later acquired) in the office, purchasing, scheduling, logistics and warehousing, he decided to enter sales a few years back. Being a Marco rep may open doors, but being a CTA develops common ground, Tyler says.

“The Visitor’s Bureau happened to be one of my customers and that was just when the CTA program kicked off. I met Doug. I thought it was a great opportunity to get to know the county that I cover and as well as other counties, and to get more knowledge about the territory where I spend most of my days. When I wear my CTA pin, most people ask what it is, if they don’t know already, and it makes the conversation easier to just have a normal talk with people. We want to live, work, play in the communities we visit.”

A native of Newville, he graduated from Big Spring High School, attended Shippensburg University and later moved onto Phillips, working in Middletown for four years before the transition into sales. At 28, with family in the area, he is active in his church in Shippensburg, plays flag football every weekend and serves as an assistant executive director of a flag football league. “We’re trying to give young adults something to do, that’s not the party scene, or the drug culture. We’re putting a good effort forward to be a family community where people get to know each other and friendships really thrive.”

With customer service paramount in his career, Tyler takes note when there is a lack of it. “Every year I travel to Ocean City, MD for a flag football tournament. Whether it’s at the hotel or the restaurants we go to, or mini golfing we do, if there is not a good vibe, good customer service, I can feel that right away. It turns you off to want to go back to said place or even said city. It really makes a difference – with the CTA program, I really see the big picture – that Doug, Janet and the whole team is trying to implement, county wide – no matter where anybody walks, or eats, or sleeps, they should have a pleasant experience in Franklin County.”

He loves the energy of the Cumberland Valley. “Everybody with technology has information at their fingertips now. If you have somebody at your hotel or your restaurant, who can provide the info you want, at a moment’s notice and provide it with a smile and pleasant attitude, I think that really gets people talking about Franklin County. It changes the energy from a negative to a positive outlook. Yes, there’s things to do here. Some really cool things.”

Special thanks to Franklin County CTA Dianna Heim,Director of Strategic Relationship Development, for contributing this CTA spotlight.

“Last Chance” For Franklin County Certified Tourism Ambassadors To Renew

“Last Chance” For Franklin County Certified Tourism Ambassadors To Renew

Time flies! The final CTA renewal date is quickly nearing the 12/31/2019 deadline to renew your Franklin County CTA certification. If you took the Certification in 2018, the visitors bureau hopes that you will choose to continue to serve as a Franklin County CTA for 2020. CTAs will be contacted via email and by phone over the next few weeks before the 10/31/2019 deadline. We are here to help you through this process!

Why Should You Renew? Top 4 Reasons:

  • Keep receiving invitations to Franklin County CTA-exclusive events and mixers and discounts!
  • Keep in the know: continue learning and building on the Franklin County knowledge you already have.
  • Continue to be a part of over 20,000 CTAs worldwide (and over 150 Franklin County CTAs!) who work together to enhance the visitor experience, make people feel welcome, and give back to their city everyday.
  • Continue to meet new people in Franklin County, make friends in the community, and discover new volunteer opportunities.

2 Easy Steps To Renew:

  1. Add your 50 CTA points at Need your login and password – email Doug Harmon at
  2. Pay your $25 renewal fee (payable by check or cash). To pay by credit card, you can call us at 717-552-2977. Checks can be made out to “FCVB” and mailed to 15 S. Main St., Chambersburg, PA 17201. You can also come by The 11/30 Visitors Center to pay.
CTA Spotlight on Pete Mason

CTA Spotlight on Pete Mason

Pete Mason is as surprised as anyone to be retired and living the active volunteer life in Franklin County. Just a little more than five years ago, he was ready to enjoy restful days in his and his wife’s New Jersey home, on the outskirts of New York City. It was a long way from where he began.

Born and raised in Wisconsin, Pete says he remembers he couldn’t wait to leave. “They taught the three Rs – Reading, (w)Riting and Route 29 to Milwaukee.”  He went to college in Minnesota where he met his wife. They married a week after their graduation, then headed for Milwaukee. “I worked for First Wisconsin National Bank for a few years and [eventually] got a job at a company called Wacker-Neuson and they transferred me to New Jersey, which was a terrific culture shock.”

As a sales manager in the Northeast, Pete traveled and discovered a lifelong interest. “I’m a history nut!  In my job, I left on Monday and came back Friday.  Whatever town I was in – Boston, Buffalo, Pittsburgh – I was usually with one sales person and we would go out at night to check out the area, look for the history of the area, discover what made people tick, and determine why they would buy something from us.  In different markets, the various ways people do things is interesting.”

At 68½ years old, Pete decided to retire.  The couple had no further plans, but they began looking at their retirement income and the taxes in New Jersey.  “We had some friends that lived here [Penn National] and they had a New Year’s party.  We didn’t know where this was, but went to the party.  We liked the area, bought a lot, built a house and now we’re happy.  In fact, we just celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary a month ago and we had our motto put on the cake ‘Who’d of thought?’

The itch to learn more about an area was one of the reasons Pete became a CTA. His best experience was accompanying a bus tour as a guide. The tour made a stop at Monterrey Pass. “I was really excited about it; it was a lot of fun.  I studied up.  The people on the tour had no idea the magnitude of what happened with this part of the retreat [after the battle of Gettysburg], the battle between the two armies there or the part George Armstrong Custer played in the battle.  Approximately 10,000 soldiers fought on that little narrow road.  The new one room museum is very nice.  It’s surprising, but Monterrey Pass is one of the best kept secrets around.”

What’s next on his list as a CTA?  “Janet [Pollard] wants me to take the test [Gettysburg battlefield guide exam], which isn’t until next year.  I might just do it for my own interest. It’s on my bucket list.

Said like a true Certified Tourism Ambassador.

Special thanks to CTA Dianna Heim,Director of Strategic Relationship Development, for contributing this CTA spotlight.