Allison-Antrim Museum Offers World War Collection of GA Veterans

Allison-Antrim Museum Offers World War Collection of GA Veterans

WWI in its day was called the war to end all wars. Today, we see the wishful thinking in the observation. Many Greencastle-Antrim veterans served in World War I, and Allison-Antrim Museum is displaying the artifacts and stories of these veterans through early 2023.

One of the veteran stories focuses on Carter Warren “Moses” Rankin, who upon enlistment in World War I, was appointed the leader of the Greencastle draftees, while on the way to Camp Green, NC. He was a private and served October 18, 1918, to January 11, 1919 in the 16th Training Co, 4th Bat, 4th Brigade. Moses worked for Landis Machine Company in Waynesboro, PA as a custodian and always enjoyed working on cars in his garage. Carter Warren “Moses” Rankin was born September 3, 1896, and died April 26, 1976, the last surviving child of Bettie and Samuel Houston Rankin. He is buried in Cedar Hill Cemetery, Antrim Township, Franklin County, PA

Discover more stories by visiting Allison Antrim Museum, 365 South Ridge Avenue in Greencastle. The Museum is open from Tuesday to Friday, noon to 4 pm & Saturday, 11 am to 1 pm. Learn more at Also, please follow Allison-Antrim Musuem on Facebook at , on Twitter at @greencastlemuzm, or Instagram at Allison_antrim.

Winter Solstice Ride

Winter Solstice Ride

Franklin County Cyclists are planning a Winter Solstice Ride on Sunday, December 18, 2022 from 7:00 PM to 8:30 PM. The ride begins at the Jerome King Playground, 240 North Carlisle Street in Greencastle. Riders should meet at the tennis courts.

The ride is less than 10 miles and is a chance to see Greencastle’s beautiful Christmas lights. Riders are encouraged to decorate their bikes – the more lights the merrier – and dress themselves in Christmas spirit!

Enjoy cycling? Think of joining Franklin County Cyclists. More information here.


Food Truck in The Square, Greencastle

Food Truck in The Square, Greencastle

Friday August 26th, 2022 * 12:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Summercreek BBQ Food Truck Menu:
  • Pig Tails and Cornbread Square (slab bacon candied and on a stick)
  • Pulled Pork with my homemade sauce
  • Sausage Sizzlers from Hoffman’s
  • Smoked Gouda and White Cheddar Mac n Cheese
  • Coleslaw
  • Old Time Bottled Soda
41st Triennnial Old Home Week in Greencastle PA set for August 6 through August 13

41st Triennnial Old Home Week in Greencastle PA set for August 6 through August 13

The 2022 Old Home Week Celebration is set for August 6 through 13 and is one of the oldest celebrations of its kind in the United States.

Old Home Week 2022 remembers one of Greencastle’s earliest structures, Allison’s Tavern. Each Old Home Week has a badge to represent the celebration. The badge costs $6 and covers admission to most of the Old Home Week events.

Throughout the event there is Music in the Square, Concert in the Park, a parade, and  memories and experiences shared in a variety sessions. This event includes “Remembering Ted Alexander” and “Reminiscing by Brian Fuss,” a Greencastle native who has covered presidents in his TV news career. Greencastle’s Loyal Daughters will present “Teach Love Inspire,” a salute to teachers. For a complete itinerary of each day’s activities please visit: and access Official Program for day-by-day information.


Every three years it always seems that something ‘magical’ happens in Greencastle-Antrim. It is something that has happened every three years for the past 120 years since 1902. It is something that is difficult to describe to people who do not live here and who have never attended or participated in any of the week-long events. I’ve tried to explain it to others not from this area and they just smile and nod their heads, not really understanding.  I have likened it to “Brigadoon,” that sleepy, little town, which comes alive every 100 years.  That’s not quite it either.  When I read in the Echo-Pilot an account of Old Home Week 1905, it became quite clear, in one word, what Old Home Week is and what makes it so special. The author mentioned the word ‘spirit.’  There is an Old Home Week Spirit. It is akin to the Christmas Spirit that everyone feels at that time of the year. It is anticipation. It is anxiousness waiting for the day to come. It is being remarkably busy preparing for family and friends. Everyone has a smile on their face and is cordial. It is looking forward to seeing old friends from childhood – that time in everyone’s life when the strongest friendships and bonds are made. It makes one feel good inside. The Old Home Week Spirit takes pride in Greencastle’s and Antrim’s history and ancestors, always remembering those who came before us. The Old Home Week Spirit honors our past. If we do not remember our past, then our today, and our future will have no meaning or purpose.   

I Hope ‘your’ visit and participation, during Old Home Week 2022, helps you make a connection with your community’s past. Catch the Old Home Week Spirit and carry it forward for future generations.   

It is a distinct honor to serve as President of the 41st Triennial Old Home Week celebration. 

from Bonnie A. Shockey, President Old Home Week 2022