Garden Talk, Design and Install Raised Beds, The Institute

Garden Talk, Design and Install Raised Beds, The Institute

Tuesday September 13th, 20th, & 27th, 2022 * 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM
Garden Talk #1 in a series of 3: Design and Install Raised Beds
In the first of a series of three Garden Talks, gardening expert Pam Rowland presents an in-the-garden program on how to design and install raised beds in your backyard.
Garden Talk #2 in a series of 3: Growing & Drying Herbs
In the second of a series of three Garden Talks, gardening expert Pam Rowland presents an in-the-garden program on how to plant and nurture herbs in the garden, and how to preserve them by drying.
Garden Talk #3 in a series of 3: Herbs as Medicine During the Civil War
In the final program in a series of three Garden Talks, guest speaker Greg Susla will discuss the medicinal uses of herbs during the Civil War.
A retired pharmacist, Susla has extensive experience with the medicinal herb garden at the Pry House on Antietam Battlefield, and with the National Museum of Civil War Medicine. 
He will talk about the medicinal applications of various plants grown and their uses during the 19th century. 
Held in the Institute’s Civil War-era garden at Monterey Pass, attendees will see first-hand what raised beds look like, discover why they are beneficial and learn how to create them.
The adjacent Monterey Pass Battlefield Museum will be open especially for attendees of this event.
Cost is $5 per program. Space is limited, and pre-registration is required.
To register, email the Institute at:
The Flying Matlocks & SOLEIL Perform @ Monterey Pass Battlefied

The Flying Matlocks & SOLEIL Perform @ Monterey Pass Battlefied

Music is coming to the Monterey Pass Battlefield on July 24, 1 PM to 4 PM. THE FLYING MATLOCKS (featuring Scott and Laurie) play acoustic rock, country, folk and blues music from the roots of early traditional American tunes through Classic Country and Modern Americana, featuring soaring two part harmonies and the delicate yet powerful interplay of guitar and violin. SOLEIL features the trio of Tresa Day, Scott Matlock, and Laurie Matlock, and they have been performing their mix of popular covers and original acoustic musicn for over a decade. Their songlist covers a variety of genres, including folk, country, rock, jazz, and bluegrass, with songs from such artists as Aretha Franklin, Johnny Cash, Bob Marley, Hank Williams, Buddy Holly, and Led Zeppelin. The group blends acoustic guitar and violin with striking vocal harmonies to create an exquisite music experience for listeners of all ages. Food and beverages by Chicago Charley’s Hot Dogs & Antietam Dairy Inclement Weather Day July 25th, same time.

Online Program Tells Story of Lee’s Retreat & Today’s Restored Battlefield

Online Program Tells Story of Lee’s Retreat & Today’s Restored Battlefield

Lee’s retreat from Gettysburg was plagued by thunderstorms and mud. With 50,000 troops to move to the safety of Virginia, and his 60 miles-long wagon train of wounded and supplies, his journey was arduous. There were two routes to Virginia.  The longer route extended west from Gettysburg through Cashtown Gap to Chambersburg, and from there south to Greencastle and on to the Potomac River at Williamsport, Maryland. The shorter and more direct route extended west to Fairfield, and up the mountain through Fairfield Gap and Monterey Gap, and then on to Hagerstown and Williamsport.

40 miles of wagon trains and infantry marched the shorter route, on winding mountain roads, in pouring rain, with poor visibility and mud. The wagons across Monterey consisted of Lieut. General Richard Ewell’s Corps Train and the Reserve Train of Major John Harman.

In the late hours of July 4, 1863 and the early hours of July 5, the retreating Confederate forces were forced to fight on the precarious mountain roads. This engagement, now known as the Battle of Monterey Pass, is the second largest Civil War battle fought on Pennsylvania soil, involving 10,000 Union and Confederate forces.

Join members of The Friends of Monterey Pass Battlefield – Darwin Seiler, Lee Royer, and John Gorman – as they retell the story of the battle, and give you a video tour of the site today. Walk the mountain paths with your guide, enjoy the scenic views from visitor-friendly park trails, and explore the museum located on the site of the battle – all without leaving your comfortable armchair.

This presentation will run on the Facebook page of the Adams County Historical Society on April 1 at 7:00 pm.  This link will take you directly to the ACHS Facebook page. It will not be posted until April 1.

ACHS Facebook page:

Not able to watch live or want to watch it again?  Visit the ACHS YouTube channel to view this or any of our past virtual programs.

ACHS YouTube channel:

Franklin County Countdown to Halloween

Franklin County Countdown to Halloween

Franklin County has legends, chilling stories, and strange sightings. Have a little Halloween fun and explore some local lore. Is it fact or fiction? Explore a little “haunted history” with the Franklin County Fright Sites Tour. Download Franklin County Fright Sites here to discover haunted happenings at ten sites in Franklin County. Keep alert and be ready to snap a scary photo. Post to or send photos—both scary and fun–to and be entered into Franklin County Visitors Bureau’s grand prize drawing. Share up to three photos at each site; each photo equals one entry.

Grand prize is breakfast and dinner for two at Franklin County dining location(s) of winner’s choice. The winner also receives Franklin County Ghosts by Athena Varounis—more startling stories to read again and again. The creepiest photo will get a special prize—dinner for two at winner’s choice of Franklin County restaurant and a copy of Franklin County Ghosts. Plus, two runner-up prizes will be awarded.

Franklin County has trunk or treats and trick or treating throughout the communities of Franklin County. plus, spooky family fun.

  • Visit Country Creek Produce Farm in Shippensburg and take a moonlit hayride, go flashlight picking in the pumpkin patch and enjoy the corn maze at night on October 30 & 31.
  • Chambersburg Community Theatre is going virtual for Halloween with Bram Stoker’s Dracula For Kids. It airs, beginning Friday, October 30 and can be viewed again and again over the next two weeks. Sign up by donation here.
  • Outdoor movies are magic, and especially Hocus Pocus, showing outdoors at Fort Loudon Community Center on Friday, October 30 at 7:30 PM.

For older kids or adults, it is a fright-filled Friday at Stoner’s Dairy Farm in Mercersburg on October 31, 7 PM-11 PM. Gather some courage, bring a flashlight, and get ready for ghouls, ghosts, and scary ones, lurking in the corn. Brussels Café and Relax in Chambersburg are holding costume parties. Details and more Halloween Countdown fun for all ages here.

Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and Museum – Something for the Civil War Enthusiast, Nature Lover & Active Children!

Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and Museum – Something for the Civil War Enthusiast, Nature Lover & Active Children!

Did you know the second largest Civil War battle in Pennsylvania was partially fought in Franklin County?    Monterey Pass Battlefield Park and Museum is a historic and beautiful site to learn more about the Battle of Monterey Pass.   Take a hike on the trails envisioning the battle as you see the rock outcrops and rugged roadways.  Trails are fully interpretive and include stops that tell the story of the battle.  Benches along the trail allow a few moments of reflection.  Driving tours also help to tell the story of this Civil War battle.

The Battle of Monterey Pass occurred during the Confederate retreat from Gettysburg on July 4, 1863.  The retreat included a wagon train of wounded soldiers.   The Confederates opened fire on the Union Calvary starting one of the most confusing and chaotic battles of the Civil War.  Occurring at night during a thunderstorm, soldiers could only see their enemies when either the muzzle of their gun or the lightning flashed.  Steep and narrow mountain passes caused horses and wagons to fall over the edge of cliffs, helping to ensure Union victory.  The battle was the only Civil War battle to be fought in both Pennsylvania and Maryland.

Located in Blue Ridge Summit, Franklin County PA, the Monterey Pass Battlefield Park is a short drive from Gettysburg and many other Civil War Battlefields.  Once COVID19 restrictions are lifted, the park offers a modern playground as well as a museum housing battle artifacts and information.

Explore now and visit later!

Article by Becky Kellerman