The Institute at Renfrew is a non-profit organization serving the region with outdoor programming in environmental education, interpretation of a historic Pennsylvania German farmstead and a widevariety of family events. Activities are conducted on the site of Renfrew Museum and Park. (Please note that The Institute at Renfrew operates independently from Renfrew Museum and Park.)
The mission of The Institute at Renfrew is to guide the people of the Cumberland Valley region to become stewards of their natural and cultural worlds.To achieve its mission, the Institute:
• provides environmental and cultural education to elementary and secondary school children,
• supports and conducts research about natural and cultural history,
• provides opportunities for adults to learn about the nature and culture of the region and the world,
• presents programs that inform and entertain the community.
JOB SUMMARY: The early childhood environmental educator is responsible for delivering established programs of The Institute at Renfrew (The Institute) at the preschool– 4th grade levels and developing creative new programsinto the future. The primary role of this position is to work outdoors with preschool and primary age groups.The early childhood educator must work in cooperation with co-teachers, administrators, volunteers,interns, and all other personnel of The Institute and with the staff of Renfrew Museum & Park.Availability: Position is part-time, seasonal. Educator is expected to attend training sessions and regularstaff meetings and to teach 3–5 days/week during the fall and spring teaching seasons (September–November & March–June) and winter/summer programming as needed. As new preschool program offer-ings are developed, the hours of the early childhood environmental educator will increase accordingly.
Duties and Responsibilities: Share Renfrew’s rich heritage, stories and landscape to inspire and engage stewards of the naturaland cultural world.
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