The Franklin County Visitors Bureau is teaming up with tourism partners to showcase our wonderful local businesses and unique destinations withing Franklin County.

This week’s edition features a local business with a store front in Waynesboro as well as in Chambersburg. Introducing 1884 Market House and 1833 Schiers Market.

The 1884 Market House possesses a rich history within Franklin County. For four decades, The Market House was formerly part of Schiers Furniture Market. At one point, the building was also an ice cream producing location. However, then Harry Morningstar Jr. renovated the building into a host for antique goods and vendors from all over the area. His goal was inspired by the Waynesboro farmers market as well as by antique store owners James and Jess House of Goods. From there, Harry was set on establishing and improving the antique and vendor market in Franklin County.

1833 Schiers Market has been apart of Franklin County since it name states; 1833. The term “schier” is Pennsylvania Dutch for “barn”. Originally a hand built barn, Schiers then became a furniture store in 1955. It was then renovated and expanded in the year of 1965. Unfortunately, the furniture store reached its end in 2017, but was reopened and reimagined with Harry Morningstar’s vision.

Today, both the 1884 and the 1833 house a vast variety of vendors, craftsman and antique enthusiasts of all kinds. From vintage goods, refurbished items, to new-modern items, travels and antique shoppers can find all that they need from these two businesses.

Ultimately, the mission for Harry Morningstar Jr. and his staff is not to compete with other antique markets, but to “complete” it. The mission is to add color and some variety as well as unite antique and specialty good shoppers around the nation. Customers that shop at these businesses receive interchangeable incentives as well, another reason to check out 1833 Schiers Market and The 1884 Market House.

Both businesses are open daily between 10am and 5pm. You can find the 1884 at 15 Schier’s Way, Waynesboro, PA 17268 and you can find the 1833 at 2003 Lincoln Way E, Chambersburg, PA 17202.