The saying goes that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so celebrate National Eat A Red Apple Day on December 1 with a Franklin County apple. Apples are delicious as they are and add flavor to so many things. From stuffing to salsa or old favorites like dumplings, pies and tarts to ciders and wines, apples are comfortable in traditional recipes or more contemporary foodie favorites.

Franklin County ranks second in PA apple production. Situated in a good fruit producing area, Franklin County and its neighbor to the east Adams County are strong fruit producers. The mountains provide good protection. The soil drains well and is good for fruit-growing. Apple trees like the soil’s acidity.

Franklin County Farmers Markets 

Country Breeze Farm Market in Chambersburg is filled with delicious, local produce available year-round. Carrying delicious red, yellow and granny smith apples, as well as other produce such as vegetables and bulk items, the market is a great place to fulfill your craving for a juicy apple.

Tracey’s Orchard in Greencastle produces delicious fruits throughout the year. They grow cherries, pears, apricots, black raspberries, blueberries and of course, apples. The orchard produces apples throughout the entire growing season but later on in the season, they produce delicious Nittany and Pink Lady apples. Nittany apples are sweet and crisp, good for snacking, salads, pies, sauces and baked apples. Pink Lady’s, which peak at the end of November, are sweet and tart with a unique pink blush color and fizzy apple flavor which makes a delicious treat.

Maplewood Produce and Greenhouse in Shippensburg offers local and fresh fruits and vegetables year round from local greenhouses and farms. Besides delicious apples, they have other seasonal items such as plums, peaches and tomatoes.

Country Acres Cider and Produce in Waynesboro presses apple cider year-round! The delicious cider is available in stores throughout the area but also at their location in Waynesboro. The farm also grows bell peppers, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, strawberries, sweet corn and winter squash.

Franklin County Wineries

Jan Zell Wines in Chambersburg, makes delicious wines, including apple wines. The winery makes an Italian Apple pinot grigio, made from apples from local Shatzer’s Orchard. They also have a sweet white wine Summer Daze made with cranberry, apples and chardonnay blend. They also sell hard cider made with local apples.

Tuscarora Mountain Winery, located in the downtown square in Chambersburg, is also known for their delicious wines made with local ingredients. While their supplies of wine and certain brands are constantly shifting, the winery makes their fruit wines with local apples and other fruits and is happy to inform visitors of their current selection.

Want to learn more about how to eat Franklin County Fresh? The Franklin County Visitors Bureau’s publication The Franklin County Fresh Food & Dining Guide is available now at the FCVB offices at 37 South Main Street and online at This guide highlights delicious and fresh options in Franklin County, including the many local orchards, restaurants that use local products and seasonal charts to help inform of the growing seasons of local fruits and vegetables.