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Contact: Franklin County Visitors Bureau – Janet Pollard 717-552-2977

150th Commemoration of 1864 Ransoming, Burning & Rebirth of Chambersburg


2014 marks the 150th commemoration of the1864 Confederate ransoming and burning of Chambersburg. The Franklin County Visitors Bureau is working to gather community participation in the 150th commemoration. Plans include an art exhibit focusing on the rebirth of Chambersburg, formation of a community chorus for the historic reenactment, a Civil War Ball, the 150th reenactment of the ransoming and burning of Chambersburg, and county-wide church services to commemorate the spirit of Chambersburg residents and the support of neighbors from near and beyond in coming to Chambersburg’s aid.
As the150th commemoration of America’s Civil War winds down, the fateful burning of Chambersburg remains an important part of the history. Though this chapter of history is not war on a battlefield, it is war at home, unexpectedly brought to Chambersburg’s doorstep and quickly executed without a way to escape its impact. In a handful of hours, the work of many lifetimes were reduced to ashes. Throughout four years of the U.S. Civil War, many Americans, both enlisted and unenlisted, paid dearly to return the nation to one. July 30, 1864, in Chambersburg PA is one of these sacrifices.

Anyone interested in participating is invited to contact the Franklin county Visitors Bureau at 717-552-2977, toll-free at 866-646-8060, or by emailing Join in making this a valuable commemoration in Franklin County.