Renfrew Institute is sponsoring a Ukrainian Egg workshop on Saturday, January 20 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the visitors center at Renfrew Park. The program is limited to ten participants age 15 and up.

Participants will learn to create an exquisite “pysanka,” an intricately decorated egg, using age-old techniques of the traditional Ukrainian folk craft.

Holly Olszewski will lead the workshop with hands-on guidance. Olszewski has taught the craft for many years after learning it from a friend in Connecticut.

“My friend Tamara asked me if I’d like to learn the traditional craft of making Ukrainian eggs,” Olszewski said. “The techniques she taught me had been passed down through her mother and grandmother. I like traditions, and making these eggs became a tradition in my family, too.”

The process requires pure beeswax and special dyes. Olszewski has samples of traditional design elements, but also encourages each person to create a unique design meaningful to them.

“I love these eggs because the elements used on them are full of symbolism,” Olszewski said. “Even the colors are symbolic.”

Eggs have been decorated for centuries in the Ukraine and other parts of Eastern Europe with intricate and brightly colored designs. Ancient motifs like the “tree of life” and Christian symbols are popular. In addition, images from nature, like plants, animals and insects are often featured.

With her husband, Jack, Olszewski operates Mother Earth’s Creations, buying and selling crystals, fossils, shark teeth, geodes and other semi-precious stones.

The cost of the workshop is $25 for members of Renfrew Institute and $30 for non-members. Pre-registration is required. For more information or to register, email or call 717-762-0373.

This program is underwritten in part by Marge Kiersz, Lucinda D. Potter, CPA, and Smith, Elliott, Kearns & Company, with additional support from Renfrew Institute’s Today’s Horizon Fund contributors: Today’s Horizon Fund Contributors: The Nora Roberts Foundation; Alma W. Oyer; APX Enclosures, Inc.; The Carolyn Terry Eddy Family: Carolyn, with daughters Connie Fleagle & Kim Larkin; and the The John R. Hershey Jr. and Anna L. Hershey Family Foundation. Facility support is provided courtesy of Renfrew Museum and Park.

Parking is available behind the Visitor Center with additional parking in the lower lot off Welty Rd. For more information, visit or call the institute at 717-762-0373.