Let your imagination take you back in time and make your own story by filling in the details.

After days of traveling, we finally made it. We finally made it to Fort Chambers! It is much bigger than I imagined it to be. The walls are very tall. And there is a stream right by the fort! Dad told me it was called Conochocheague Creek. Perhaps he and I will be able to go fishing? Although, he did mention something about farming. I think I would rather fish than farm. But mom and dad said this is where our new lives begin. Earlier they were talking to a gentleman named Mr. Chambers. He seems like a nice man. Dad told me he bought this land from a man named William Penn and had this nice fort built. He also told me that I am old enough to work around the fort. So, I….(fill in your part of the story).

After doing all that, I was very hungry. What was I going to ea?  I…. c

When I returned to the mill, I was surprised by…(fill in your part of the story)..

Wow, what a day! Somehow, I think tomorrow I will…(fill in your part of the story).

But, for now, I am….(fill in your part of the story)..

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