Music Spotlight: Arnold “Pnut” Small

Music Spotlight: Arnold “Pnut” Small

On this week’s Music Spotlight, the focus is thrown to a humble musician who enjoys sharing his passion and superb talent with those around him. Welcome Pnut to the Music Spotlight Family!

Arnold “Pnut” Small is a local musician residing in the historic area of Gettysburg in Adams County, PA. He is originally from New Hampshire and then moved to Florida at the age of 15 before making his way to PA. According to his wife, Babs Small, Pnut has been tickling guitar strings since he was about 6 or 7 years old. Since then, Pnut has utilized his time mostly for honing and sharpening his skills as a guitar player. The results certainly ring true when watching him in a live setting. His playing is articulate and well thought out. It is almost surgical to the point where he knows when a quick, wordy guitar run is necessary for the integrity of a tune. Then again he also knows when less is more, keeping his playing to simple melodies and guitar licks.

During his time living in Florida, Pnut grew an infatuation for southern rock, mostly at the hands of Lynyrd Skynyrd. That is not to say that influences stop there. His uncle Roy taught him the importance of practice and diligence. And Roy gave Pnut clear instruction on how to do it properly. At the age of 12, Roy recruited young Pnut for his band Franklin Falls Junction. Eventually, Pnut was introduced to the world of Bluegrass thanks to another mentor by the name of Leslie “Bozo’ Keyser. A big bluegrass guy, Bozo was integral in fostering Pnut’s love for music. In Keyser’s eyes, music was to be felt not just played.

Through Pnut’s career as a musician, he has collaborated and played in many bands. Two reputable bands worth mentioning would be Sabotage and Jakob Kane. He has also had the honor of sharing the stage with well known acts like Greg Allman, Marshall Tucker Band, Jimmy Hall, the Oak Ridge Boys and many, many more. Currently, he plays lead guitar and provides vocals for a band called “From the Grey” which is a 5 piece band out of Adams County. They are on Facebook and Instagram so be sure to search them through both platforms!

By nature and through his experiences as a musician, Pnut has become an incredibly humble musician and individual. It shows through his passion and attitude. Pnut says that without the people and fellow musicians around him, he is nothing. He certainly does not want to or intend to take any one for granted. To him, connections are priceless. Whether he is playing for one individual or one hundred individuals, he always makes an honest attempt to play like he is playing for a million people.

If you want to know more about Pnut, he is on Facebook both via his personal page as well as through connecting with his band From the Grey. Here is a short clip of him playing at a Welcome Center in Virginia! Check out his music here!

Contributed by: Evan Crider

Tourism Partner Spotlight: Music Makers

Tourism Partner Spotlight: Music Makers

During unusual times when it’s been a challenge to connect, music brings life through the many emotions triggered by listening to a song, the emotional release of writing, sharing new discoveries with friends or the joy of performing your own words or a heartfelt rendition of a classic during a live or virtual performance! We’ve seen a lot of mainstream and local artists since the beginning of the pandemic share this gift in creative ways and right here in our own back yard is an organization that is bringing all of this home.

Music Makers located on 46 West Main Street, Waynesboro  was created as a collaboration between the Arts Alliance of Greater Waynesboro and the Cumberland Valley School of Music with a mission to provide a community center for music, forums, workshops, classes, jam sessions and live performances to the Waynesboro and surrounding communities.

Launched in 2016, there always seems to be an opportunity and buzz about Music Makers who offer FREE, live musical entertainment by local musicians on Friday’s from 5:30-8pm at Music Makers or Main Street Park, keep up with the next live show here. They also host Open Mic Nights which are currently on pause, but there are plans for it to return creating an opportunity for performers of all ages and talents to practice, showcase or just simply have a good time! Performers and music lovers alike are invited to enjoy all the shows hosted by Music Makers!

Another opportunity Music Makers offers is their Songwriters Forum where area musicians are invited to join the group along with fellow musicians to collaborate and develop their songwriting skills. The group meets on the first Monday of each month.

Music Makers invites you to follow them on social media and to also sign-up for weekly emails for all the need-to-know information on upcoming events, live streams, workshops and more! They also provide a great Q&A section on their website, here, featuring local musicians.

If you choose to enjoy Music Makers and their events in-person they ask that everyone adhere to social distancing guidelines, wear a mask and respect capacity limits. Most of the programs offered are FREE of charge and are able to function thanks to their wonderful volunteers. Donations are always welcomed and appreciated to help keep Music Makers able to bring, arts, music and performances to the community a little or no cost.

Stay connected through song at:

717-655-2500 / / / Facebook: @musicmakerswboro / Instagram: @destinationarts_aagw

Contributed by: Lauren Formosa

1st Annual Zombie 5K

1st Annual Zombie 5K

The Zombie 5K will be held on Saturday, October 31st Halloween! Team Tough is hosting the 5K to raise funds to support the Pediatric Transplant Team and patients at Hershey Med Children’s Hosptial. This is a virtual event however, Holly Strayer is putting a group together of interested individuals to participate in-person beginning at Gearhouse, continuing through Downtown Chambersburg and ending at Roy Pitz. Interested individuals can learn more about Team Tough and register for the 5K here and can reach out to Holly Strayer if you’d like to walk in-person. Area businesses are invited to toss candy and treats at the Zombie Parade during the event.

Music Spotlight: Drew Adams

Music Spotlight: Drew Adams

On this week of Music Spotlight, another fine Franklin County musician and singer stands in the spotlight; meet Mr. Drew Adams.

A Waynesboro native, Drew Adams is a freelance musician who has been part of the live music scene in the area for many years. His axe of choice is the bass guitar. On the other hand, when he is playing solo or with another musician, he can be seen strumming the six strings of his Taylor T5 acoustic electric guitar. Drew has also filled in on drums from time to time for numerous musicians and bands. Currently, Adams plays in the band Sundog Ritual, On Tap Duo, and under the name of Drew Adams Acoustic when performing solo. Back in 2006, Drew also graduated from the AudioWorks Program at the Sheffield Institute for the Recording Arts in Phoenix, MD.

Rock music of the 1990s is the driving force behind Drew’s musical motivations. For him, there was just something about the music and its characteristics during the decade. Rock music was dramatically changing. Punk rock, the grunge movement, and 90s alternative rock were blossoming with unique artists and bands. According to Adams, Weezer, REM, and Harvey Danger are just a handful of the bands that grabbed his attention the most. The most notable influence would be Green Day. Green Day was a band that was redefining punk rock and music composition all throughout the decade and into the early 2000s.

Drew’s musical influences are not limited to the 90s rock movements, however. As a true music lover and cover musician, he very much enjoys music from decades past. He certainly appreciates big hit bands and songs from the late 1970s and early 80s. The Knack is one such band between those time periods that captivated Drew. During a performance from this man, listeners will also catch a few tunes from the 40s, the 50s, and even a few songs from the late 1800s!

What does Drew get out of doing music? According to him, “music is a great release from the stresses and day-to-day concerns endured every day. It’s also a healthy way to take one’s mind off things that usually end up being not as big of a day as we thought they were.” Sometimes he will be minding his business in public and then the perfect song comes on somewhere around him. Immediately afterwards, all weight upon his shoulders gently slides right off and onto the ground. That situation is what Drew hopes to provide to those listening to his performances. For him, leaving a gig and receiving praise and “thank yous” from listeners is more than fulfilling. Ultimately, to be able to perform for a living is a dream. It also keeps him busy between carrying out marketing tasks and goals as well as focusing on music production and editing. It’s a never ending cycle of imagination and creativity.

At the moment, Drew Adams is working on building his YouTube page. For the time being, he can be found on Facebook by searching “Drew Adams” where he posts gig updates and all things music related!

Contributed by Evan Crider