The hummingbirds are coming! These colorful migrators usually arrive between late-April and early-May. Here is a fun and easy recipe to feed the hummingbirds.

Homemade Hummingbird Nectar

You will need refined white sugar and water. Mix one (1) part sugar to four (4) parts water. So, it would be one cup sugar and four cups water for about a quart of food or two cups sugar and eight cups water for half-gallon. Filtered water is fine, or water can be boiled. If the water is warm, the sugar will dissolve easier. Be sure to mix well so all sugar dissolves.

When cool, add the nectar to the hummingbird feeder.

Do not add red dye. It is not necessary. If you want the extra pop of color to attract hummingbirds, you can use a colored glass or acrylic feeder. Or, plant red or pink flowers near the feeder. The sweetness of the nectar will attract the hummingbirds and once one finds the feeder, it will attract more.

Follow hummingbird migration on this interactive map and report when you spot hummingbirds.