By tradition, forts are places of safety and sanctuary. Some are found in medieval times and some in frontier times. Even a space station could be a galactic fort. Best of all, you can build your own fort in your bedroom, living room, or family room! Get creative. Use boxes, blankets, chairs, pillows, tablecloths–whatever your imagination can concoct. Make it your special space to tuck in and enjoy.

Corners are natural spots to locate a fort. With a loveseat or comfy chair on either side, a blanket makes an easy roof. Toss in a pillow or two for sitting, string some Christmas lights across the opening, and soon you will be sitting in your own special spot.

Or, practice being an architect. Collect toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, and wrapping paper rolls. Using markers, decorate the rolls and build a tabletop fort. Add in some smaller boxes and see what you can create.

Another make-your-own fort is a shoebox diorama. Take off the lid and put aside momentarily. Turn the box on its side so the large opening of the box is the front. Now take the lid and nest it under the open bottom-of-the-box so it creates an “L” shape.  You can make a small toothpick fort or even decorate the outside with the wood planks of the fort and make the interior the inside parts of the fort. For ideas on what the inside of a frontier fort, see the picture with the story.

Take all your great fort ideas and snap a picture. Please send it to with a small description of what you did and why you like your fort. The visitors bureau will share on its website and Facebook page. Happy building!