Little Antietam Creek Inc. (LACI) takes volunteers in archaeology all year round. During the warmer months (usually from April through October) LACI is in the field at our excavation sites. In the winter, activity moves inside to the archaeology laboratory, mainly processing artifacts from LACI site excavations. There are volunteer opportunities for all ages with some restrictions. All children under the age of 14 must be accompanied by a parent or other responsible adult. Children 14 to 17 are welcome without parent or guardian but we reserve the right to recommend one be present depending on the behavior of the volunteer. Due to Covid-19, LACI is taking volunteers on a limited basis and is following Covid protocals; masking and social distancing. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Scott Parker at

This season LACI has not scheduled any archaeology classes. If you are a group or organization that would be interested in having a class taught, provided it is safe to do so, please contact Scott Parker at
Classes are held at the Stoner Farm.

At this time, LACI offers college level internships in archaeology, restoration arts and various other related fields year round. If you are a student or know any students who might be interested please contact Scott Parker at or call (540) 319-3155.

ArcheoCamp is a five day, day camp during the summer for children and young adults 12-18 (and parents are welcome too). Participants are the crew under the supervision of LACI Archaeologists at a real ongoing archaeological excavation. They will learn everything from digging and screening, to recording and drawing, to remote sensing and artifact processing through hands on instruction.

This year we hope to offer our Heritage Series of workshops and programs that will be held once a month on Saturdays starting in the spring. There will be restoration workshops of various types, archaeology tours, presentations on various historical topics and an artifacts roadshow where you can bring your artifacts to be identified. All programs will be held on the Stoner Farm grounds or in the Stoner barn. The schedule of events has not been finalized yet but a schedule will be posted on our website – as possible. The series will be offerred only if it is safe to do so and all Covid protocals will be followed.