Music is all around us. We listen to it in the car, while we’re in the shower, and even while we are cleaning the house. Then there is also LIVE music.

Live music is a vital piece Franklin County culture. It is home to numerous restaurants and bars that host live performers through the week and into the weekend. Events like Chamberfest also host acts to entertain the masses while they shop with our small businesses. And when you have had a long week at work, there is nothing like going out on your Friday night and enjoying a little live music.

There are especially numerous musicians and bands in rotation each month. Some specialize in classic rock hits from the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Then you have the good old folk enthusiasts pumping out the lyrics heavy, story telling tunes we are all familiar with. And of course, some of the younger generation keeping us up to date and moving to the modern pop hits of today. But then there are some that do ALL of the above.

One musician that fits that description is Dave Gates. Rock, Country, blues, and even a little R&B can all be heard coming from this gentleman. And for some added color, Dave also offers up some of his originals for listeners to enjoy. You can find him on Facebook at “Dave Gates Music” or watch his livestreams here at

Listen to his song “Not Ready” by clicking here. 

Article by Evan Crider