This week’s Music Spotlight focuses on local musician and songwriter, Dean Ray.

This gentleman is a musician veteran. Dean started playing guitar and kicking around in bands in the 1960s in his home state of Connecticut. However, rolling into the 1970s he started to gravitate towards acoustic music such as the folk movement. He would go on to be a member in several folk rock groups. As a result, Dean Ray felt the urge and motivation to begin composing his own music. He would ultimately develop a reputation for his Americana-style folk rock sound, telling a picture perfect story with each song.

After serving in our nation’s navy for 10 years, Dean Ray has made his home here in Chambersburg, PA. Over the last approximately 20 years, Dean has been a part of a few notable groups such as the Short Horse Wranglers, a super group of a couple other local musician veterans. Although, mainly he has solidified his ability to carry himself as a solo musician and songwriter.

If you would like to hear some of Dean’s original music, he has released an album under his original name, Dean Brocious. It is titled “For Sale by Owner”. It is the prime example of Dean’s story telling and insightful composing ability. You may find it on Itunes, Spotify, and Rhapsody. Be sure to add him on facebook for livestream videos as well as cover videos!

Enjoy this video of Dean covering a song title “Poetic Justice”

Spotlight Article by Evan Crider