There are so many things to look forward to in a new week. New experiences, another week of living, and a new music spotlight post! This week will be a real treat. This group is fresh as of February of this year. Introducing Music Spotlight featuring The Seventh Sunset.

The Seventh Sunset is a new duo born out of Chambersburg in Franklin County. It is composed of two members: Tony Eckenrode on guitar and Josh Rayner as the vocalist for the group. Josh Raynor was formerly a member of the band Pabrael and also represented vocals. The pairing between Tony’s articulate guitar work and Josh’s gentle, yet powerful, soulful voice is undeniably entrancing. Tony gracefully plays beautiful finger-picked melodies and harmonies on his guitar while adding the necessary percussive rhythms to carry songs through with a groove. Then comes Josh’s voice like a hand walking you through a picture. The Seventh Sunset is certainly a killer combo of two fine musicians.

Because they are a bit fresh, The Seventh Sunset does not have very many gigs lined up for the public. However, that soon will change as more cover videos and live-stream videos are presented. If you or some one you know is looking for entertainment, be sure to pick these guys up because they are worth it like so many of the other featured Music Spotlight acts.

To catch their next live-stream or cover video, find The Seventh Sunset on facebook and like them! Click here for a video of the duo covering The Cure’s “Love Song”. Enjoy!