With an aim to enrich community access to library resources, The John Stewart Memorial Library at Wilson College is partnering with the Franklin County Library System to provide public library users access to books and research available at the Wilson College library. Public library users need only to present an existing public library card and a state ID to borrow books and access the College library databases using campus-provided computers. As part of this exchange, Wilson College students can use their student IDs to borrow books from any library within the Franklin County Library system.
This partnership simplifies access to a broader range of resources, benefiting both public and academic library users. “It is a powerful united front in knowledge sharing. The partnership between the Wilson College library and the Franklin County Library System bridges resources, expands access, and empowers our communities to thrive academically and informationally,” said Denise Sandell, director of the Wilson College library.

The joint initiative raises the profile of all libraries involved while also encouraging greater use of their resources and underscores the unique strengths of these different libraries. While academic libraries provide access to specialized databases and advanced research materials, public libraries excel in offering the latest fiction, children’s books, e-books, audiobooks, and various educational events for the whole family.

“Wilson has always been a great supporter of the Franklin County Library System and everything that we do, and we are immensely grateful to have the support of such a beloved institution. This partnership embodies what our library system is all about: providing an exceptional and broad array of information and resources to our community while eliminating obstacles to those resources. We are extremely excited to be partnering with Wilson College on this endeavor. Our community is better when we work together,” said Andrew C. Vickers, executive director of the Franklin County Library System.
For more information visit library.wilson.edu.