This week’s Music Spotlight focuses on a band primarily from the Carlisle area made up of some fathers and a mother. Introducing The Gregorys.

The Gregorys is Brett Rudder, Aaron Lepley, John Hope, and Colleen Hertzler. Like many other parents, these individuals don’t have much time at their disposal. Their lives are composed of the typical parental responsibilities: chauffeuring children around, feeding mouths, mowing lawns (when the season requires it), and fulfilling common home maintenance chores. But when their packed schedules have the slightest window of free time, they are hard at work practicing music and creating. Each member is a songwriter, bringing varying abilities in the to the table. The end result is a group with a truly collaborative nature. This is also supported by their band-held belief that humans were created to create.

The band’s influences vary greatly as well. Artist and band inspirations are spurred by acts like Townes Van Zandt, Blaze Foley, Jars of Clay, Beach Boys, Eagles, Creed, Hank Williams, Pink Floyd, and Hot Jam Factory. The folk and Americana movement, and the “Dad Rock” has been a driving force in shaping the harmony-driven, and acoustic-based sound of The Gregorys. Their music also captures their appreciation for God, love, and the motions of life. A live show will consist of originals with the occasional deep-cut cover with a twist.

In their eyes, they are not studied poets or accomplished musicians. However, for The Gregorys, connecting with the audience is number one. Music is something that affects each individual audience member differently. That connection between audience and creator is an added benefit to expressing themselves. In the words of front man, Brett Rudder, “We’re simple people, with simple lives, sharing our simple songs.” And sometimes, simple is more than enough to provide an excellent and entertaining listening experience.

To follow The Gregorys through their musical journey, like them on Facebook at Here is a music video to their song “The Pier”.

YouTube Video: “The Pier”

Spotlight contributed by: Evan Crider