Live 18th Century Living History, Immerse yourself in Nature and share your passion with others through Educational Programs. Join the CI team!

The Conococheague Institute (CI) a Non-Profit Museum and Gardens in Franklin County PA, is looking for a passionate employee to increase the Visitor’s Experience of its unique Cultural and Natural Resources

The Historic Warden and Programming Lead will have an incredible opportunity to educate the public on America’s early Colonial History in an engaging and dynamic atmosphere. They will be responsible for maintaining the Historic Garden and perform 18th Century Living History Crafts and programs from the Cabins.

These roles will be performed in 18th Century clothing, to provide an immersive experience as possible for the visitor.

With a unique story of 18th Century Life, our story features Women and Men, Enslaved People, Native Americans, as well as Welsh, English, Scotch-Irish, and German Residents. As such the applicant would have a wide array of stories to portray.

In order to ensure the Visitor has a safe and enjoyable visit, the Historic Warden’s other duties will involve weekly maintenance of the grounds and buildings, as well as behind the scene programming development and other duties as assigned.

Want to live an 18th Century life, and inspire others to appreciate our American Story? Apply now by sending in a resume and cover letter to, or contact CI for more information on the position and more details.

Applications will be accepted until March 10th, and interviews may be conducted in person, virtually, or by phone.

Complete job description below. CI is an Equal Opportunity Employer.