Music Spotlight presents a unique Gettysburg-native musician and songwriter. Like so many of the previous features, music resonates with her on an emotional and sacred level. Introducing: Bekah Foster.

Bekah grew up in a musical family. The music that flowed from her family surrounded her and enthralled her. At a young age, watching live performances was commonplace. It awakened something in her. Amongst all of the instruments and parts making up the performance, the voice is what caught her attention. She fell in love with singing. She says, “I’ve always loved to sing, ever since I can remember.” However, it was not until she started performing in front of audiences that things changed. Performing live deeply resonated with her and truly began sculpting her voice and refining her songwriting.

Bekah Foster’s playing and writing style resides mostly in the world of jazz. She incorporates intricately voiced chords into her song composition. Her instrument of choice is a classical guitar as the nylon and nickel strings offer and project a more warm, ear-pleasing sound that pairs well with her soulful, soft, yet powerfully controlled voice. Finger picking also plays a large part in defining her style as it allows her to creatively pick through notes within her chords of choice. Bekah pulls influence Andy Mckee, The Reign of Kindo, Corinne Bailey Rae, Josh Groban, Melody Gardot, Bebel Gilberto, and Dario Marianell, all of which are worth a listen. Through all of these influences as well as her affinity for songwriting and performing live, Bekah Foster has quite literally developed her own individual sound and style.

Bekah does have a fully recording album. It can be listened to on her YouTube page. Simply search “Rebekah Foster” and it should be the first profile listed. The name of the album is “Empty Sky”. Here is a little taste of her music. This track is titled after the album name!



Contributed by Evan Crider