Music Spotlight is introducing a musician with a familiar last name. Remember Elly Cooke? Yes? Well meet her brother, Drew Cooke!

Drew Cooke is a young, talented guitarist and songwriter that can be found playing around the York and Hanover area. His playing is reminiscent of the soulful blues. He Derived much of his influence from the great Derek Trucks and other big-name musicians and guitarists. It is emotional, articulate, and deliberate with every note played. But then you can also hear a little bit of country twang throughout the guitar solos and chord progressions as well as through his voice!

Starting at a young age, Drew learned to hone his craft through hours of practicing and experimenting. Over the last two years, he played lead guitar for a few groups. But most often, he is found accompanying his sister with his stellar guitar playing. But through his many performances, it is clear that Drew is a quality entertainer.

If you have not had a chance to watch Drew for yourself, you can find him on Facebook and Instagram to catch his livestreams and cover videos. Most importantly, Drew Cooke has recently released his first record! You can find it and stream it on Spotify.