August is National Peach Month and peach eaters for decades have known that “Chambersburg peaches” are among the sweetest and juiciest. Franklin County orchards have been bearing delicious peaches all summer and many are expected to be producing through Labor Day.

Most of the time, folks looking for Chambersburg peaches are referring to Redhaven peaches. But, do not be fooled. Just because it is a Redhaven peach doesn’t mean it is a Chambersburg peach. The soil of Franklin County and the warm summer nights make Franklin County peaches especially sweet and juicy. Part of the deliciousness lies in the knowledge of the county orchardists, who know when to pick the peaches. Plus, purchasing these sweet peaches locally means they are not overheated and bruised in shipping. There truly isn’t anything like a Chambersburg, Franklin County PA peach.

Shatzer’s Fruit Market in Chambersburg is a long-standing producer of Chambersburg peaches. The blustery cold and frost around Good Friday. It made the 2020 peach crop at Shatzer’s a little smaller, so peaches are available in quarts, not bushels.

Canning peaches is a way to enjoy the flavor of summer year-round. Hess Orchards on Route 316, about midway between Chambersburg and Waynesboro, has Sun High and Loring. Both are freestone varieties and good for canning. Hess, also, has a good Baby Gold, a cling variety that cans well.

Tracey’s Orchards on Hollowell Church Road in Greencastle has a variety of peaches to supply peach-lovers through mid-September, including white peaches.

Tawnya Tracey, co-owner of Tracey’s Orchards says “I recommend Creshaven peaches. It’s a personal favorite of mine and it’s a freestone peach. It’s a good, sweet peach that doesn’t deteriorate fast and it’s versatile because it can be used for canning, baking and eating.”

For more places to purchase peaches, see Franklin Fresh Food & Dining Guide, and check out the peach recipes, too.