Remember…explore Franklin County virtually and visit in person later! It is a perfect time to plan a hiking or biking excursion or a walk on one of the amazing trails of Franklin County. When the time comes to get out a little, remember the rules of etiquette of the trail. Trail etiquette is leaving no trace, respecting the landscape, and respecting others out and enjoying the landscape.

COVID-19 is new to everyone, including hikers, bikers and walker. It is important to add social distancing to trail etiquette. The minimum recommended “safe distance” for social distancing is six feet. Even more is better. When hiking, biking and walking, step aside to make sure to “do your distancing.”

Toward keeping hikers safe during the COVID-19 health crisis, the Appalachian Trail Conservancy endorsed closing trails and shelters, restrooms, and public access points. The trail spans fourteen states and more than 2000 miles, so be sure before you consider a hike along the AT, check closings here.

Franklin County Visitors Bureau thanks everyone for its respect and consideration during the COVID-19 crisis, and hopes to be able to have visitors enjoy our trails and more in the coming future. BE safe, explore now, visit later!