A 29-mile, 13.5-story high-voltage power line is proposed for Franklin County PA. Much of the impacted land is to farmland with breathtaking views. Three rides bike rides are being offered–33-mile, 16-mile, and 4-mile. It is shows the farmland and the beauty it brings, plus what should be nurtured, preserved, and protected. Following the Ride, is a Ride-A-Thon Festival. The public is welcome to come out for the music, food, and family fun. Suggested donation for entry to the Ride-A-Thon Festival is $20. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and enjoy an afternoon

Think about our future! All funds raised support the costs of legal fees in opposing the Transource Project, which does not bring power to anyone that does not have power and brings ZERO benefit to Franklin County and Pennsylvania!

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