The Shippensburg History Center located at 52 West King Street in Shippensburg, home of the Shippensburg Historical Society, will be hosting an open house on Saturday, March 26, from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM. This program marks the start of this year’s theme of “Rediscovering History.” Activities are planned throughout the afternoon. House tours of the historic Stewart House will be given at 1:00 PM and at 2:00 PM. Other activities include “History Up Close” in which an interpreter will go over three artifacts in our collection that have a story behind them. These artifacts will include one artifact, one textile, and one framed object. While patrons are here, they can see the status of the Shippensburg Community Band exhibit, and the unveiling of the “Shippensburg, A Wilderness Settlement” exhibit. Interpreters dressed in historic clothing will also be on hand to talk about the importance of the wilderness settlement. Our Hands-On History cart will also be available with plenty of fun colonial era games. This event is free, but donations are encouraged!