Franklin County Visitors Bureau Highlights Franklin County Flavor at 300 Years of Food

Franklin County Visitors Bureau Highlights Franklin County Flavor at 300 Years of Food

Franklin County Visitors Bureau highlights the many cuisines of Franklin County at Franklin County Flavor: 300 Years of Food on August 13, 6 PM to 8 PM. The public is invited to explore more than 300 years of multi-cultural cuisines that come together in Franklin County. From the earliest influences of Pennsylvania German and Scots Irish to Latin American flavors, plus, everything in between: Greek, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Indian, Franklin County Flavor will invigorate your tastebuds.

Participants will start the evening with a complimentary sampling of the Franklin County Pour Trail and an introduction to the fresh foods of Franklin County with a tasting of local cheeses in the lobby of the Franklin County 11/30 Visitors Center. From local flavor, tasting moves to flavors of the world with Baba Ganoush with Pita and freshly made Salsa and Chips.

From samples in the lobby, participants move upstairs to the Great Room of the 11/30 Visitors Center, overlooking the center of town, where they will enjoy a variety of foods in 2-to-three- ounce portions. Hot and cold starters of Loroco Pupusas, Papa a la Huancaina, and Sweet Potato Sushi begin the served meal. Beverage selections include local Kombucha and Water Kefir. A variety of breads accompany Sopa Azteca and Shorba Soup as the next courses.

Entrees include Pasta with Cream Sauce (with chicken or without), Souvlaki, Chicken Coconut Curry, and Catfish. Along with the main dishes are cold sides of kale salad, locally made pickles, and pepper slaw. Warm side dishes include Lemon potatoes, Old-fashioned Mashed Potatoes, Sautéed Brussel sprouts, and Collard Greens. The meal finishes on a sweet note with four desserts—Fresh Peach Pie, Molasses Cookies, Apple Sweet Bread, and Berry Ice Cream.

From 1725 to 1840, Pennsylvania was the #1 food producer in North America, and Franklin County’s fertile land produced its share. Fast forward, nearly 300 years to 2022…our food connects us to three centuries of customs, culture, and heritage. Today, Franklin County growers and restaurants continue the tradition of bringing good food to friends and family. Join the Franklin County Visitors Bureau at the 11/30 Visitors Center for this flavorful event. Tickets are $45/person and can be purchased online here.

Franklin County Flavor: 300 Years of Food features food from India Café, Inka Kitchen, Pure & Simple, Falafel Shack, The Orchards, Kenzo, Square One, El Sombrero, Montezuma Mexican Restaurant, Ada’s Bakery, Heritage Kitchen, Jim’s Deli at Jim’s Country Market, The Family Cow, Undone Kombucha, Jordyn’s Café, Route 30 Restaurant, and more. Food is a direct way to connect to Franklin County—past and present. Discover more about Franklin County here and don’t miss tasting the many flavors of Franklin County!

36 Artists Create Collaborative Painting To Benefit Women in Need!

36 Artists Create Collaborative Painting To Benefit Women in Need!

The Foundry Artist Cooperative, located at 100 South Main Street, Chambersburg, is currently displaying a collaborative painting by 36 women artists from the area, with individual canvases being sponsored to benefit Women in Need of Chambersburg. “Women@Work” will be on view at the Foundry through November 1, with gallery hours Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 11am-3pm.

“We had to work creatively to find a way to foster this collaboration while in-person events were not possible,” explained Foundry artist Anne Finucane.  “We reached out to artists outside the Foundry and were very gratified to have 23 artists from the community join 13 artists from the Foundry in contributing individual squares to create the whole “mosaic” painting.

The 36 women artists have each worked in their home studios – not knowing what the final product would be –  to create panels which have been brought together and assembled to form a large multi-media mosaic painting. The 36 panels represent diverse artistic expressions unique to each individual artist, but when viewed together, the work speaks with one voice depicting Women@Work.

The painting depicts Chambersburg’s beloved Falafel Shack restaurant, located on the Square, at 9 North Main Street.  The Falafel Shack was created by the family of Amer Chaudry and Jasmina Ademovic, with the goal of “expanding peoples’ palates and minds with their food!”  They began with a stand at the North Square Farmers Market in 2013 and have just celebrated the 3rd anniversary of the restaurant. The painting depicts their kitchen on a typical summer day, with workers including Daniela Crawford, Aaron McKenzie, and in the background, Amer Chaudry.

The Foundry artists have decided to use the painting to raise awareness and funds to support Women in Need. WIN has provided services to victims, survivors and significant others of individuals who have experienced domestic violence and sexual assault for over three decades.  With a suggested sponsorship donation of $50 to $100 per panel the Foundry hopes to achieve a fundraising goal of $2,500 for WIN. Each sponsorship will go directly to Women in Need, while the squares will remain together as a tribute to women in the community.  Sponsorships can be purchased in person at the Foundry, or online at

Home to an eclectic mix of handmade works by artists from around the Cumberland Valley, the FOUNDRY houses a retail shop where guests can purchase unique, one-of-a-kind pieces that are made locally, view rotating exhibits featuring the work of artists both local & regional, and shop the Salvage Supply area of the store, where used art and craft supplies are available at rock-bottom prices!

For more information about the Foundry, call (717)261-0706, email  or visit