An Evening with the Presidents at Renfrew Museum & Park

Tuesday, February 22, 2022 at 7:00 PM
$5 per person / Free for Friends of Renfrew Members
Renfrew Museum & Park Executive Director, Becky LaBarre, and Manager of Visitor Experiences, Steve LaBarre, will be your hosts as you enjoy An Evening with the Presidents.
Gather in the Visitors Center Wagon Shed Room as Becky and Steve share a special selection of presidential and associated artifacts from Renfrew’s collection, along with some interesting antiques of their own.
Uncover the fascinating stories about America’s presidents hidden in pictures, prints, ceramics, items of personal adornment, and more.
Only those attending in person will be able to view this unique assembly of fascinating objects up close, but everyone registered will have the chance to enjoy a fun slideshow presentation on the background of each presidential piece lead by Renfrew’s resident material culture experts.
Hope you’ll join us!


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