May 16 2024


7:00 pm

The Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society Monthly Meeting

Thursday May 16th 2024 * 7:00 PM
The Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society will meet at the State Line Ruritan Building, 15481 Park Drive, located off Route 11 at the State Line, PA Community Park.
Guest speakers are Connie Strunk and Michael Lushbaugh from Franklin County, PA.
Both are knowledgeable collectors of antiques and board members of the Historical Society.
The program will be “Antiques Your Grandparents Knew and Loved.”
Connie and Michael will present a variety of antiques from their collections.
These antiques gave been familiar to everyone “back in the day.”
The audience will be asked to guess the name and use of each item.
Come and enjoy this fun evening of testing your memory and learning new information about things of the past.
The public is invited, free.

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