FUN JUST ADDED at Capitol Theatre ln Thursday, January 10, 2019!  For this Standup Performance, some great pre-show activities are happening. At 6:30, improvisation activities for all – and possibly to help warm up for the upcoming auditions for the improv troupe, coming to the Capitol on January 14-15, called “The Improvables.” You certainly don’t have to audition for the Improvables if you don’t want to, but do come early to the Wood Center and have a fun time improving with others – no experience necessary, just bring your creativity and willingness to ‘let go!’

Also – bring a pair of new socks at 6:30. After the improv activities are done (around 7pm) there will be a special, fun activity with the socks. The winner of the activity will receive a prize (to be determined) and all of the socks will be donated to the homeless shelter just down the block.

SCOTT BRUCE  – You may catch Scott on a cruise ship, at a nightclub in Las Vegas, or a Moose Lodge in rural Pennsylvania. The one thing you are guaranteed is a good time and a lot of laughs. His quick wit, ad-libbing ability, and natural timinghave combined to create this unique performer. For example, he’s a published author. Not one, not two, but three books are available on store shelves right now. Scott hosted the EMMY award winning PBS television show “The Pennsylvania Game.”  In between traveling the country, telling jokes, and writing books, he managed to start and run a successful business. It should come as no surprise that the business is a small chain of comedy clubs called Wise Crackers. He also creates game shows, produces comedy shows for television, writes, raises a family and constantly works on his incredibly mediocre golf game. So if you see his name coming to a city near you, get your tickets early. You don’t want to miss Scott Bruce!

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MIKE STANKIEWICZ Originally from Erie, PA, Mike has gigged in nearly every comedy venue in the United States. At home in an eclectic gathering in San Francisco or a rust belt bar come shifts end, this clever comic will turn the tables on everyone. Winner of the prestigious”Best of Philly” award presented by Philadelphia Magazine, Stank takes you down a road you didn’t expect to travel with a conversational style that makes you feel like you’re riding the bar stool next to him. Among his international television appearances including “Comedy On The Road” with John Byner on A&E, Mike presents a special wit that transcends all mediums and blows his audiences away!  

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IRWIN LORING – Irwin was the Featured comid in November and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. His comedy revolves around his family, relationships, religion, and society in general. He was raised in a farming community in upstate New York, by a single Jewish mother household. He blames his mother for his bizarre views on parenting, and his overall outlook on life. He brings an energy to the room that makes audiences laugh wherever he performs. His style can be described as a mix of David Brenner and George Carlin, with a touch of Don Rickles.

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Ticket Prices are $20 and can be purchased online here