Middleburg/Mason-Dixon Line Historical Society, Speaker Ross Hetrick

Thursday November 18th, 2021 * 7:00 PM
Ross Hetrick
His presentation ” Meet Thaddeus Stevens, a champion of freedom and equality “.
Thaddeus Stevens was the most powerful congressman during and after the Civil War.
Ross Hetrick was born in Waynesboro, VA and graduated from The University of Virginia in 1975.
His vocational quest saw him reporting for the Daily Press in Newport News, VA, The Baltimore Evening Sun and The Baltimore Sun.
In 1995, Hetrick moved to Gettysburg and operated Ross’s Coffeehouse and Eatery until 2018 when he dedicated himself to fulltime pursuit to the legacy of Thaddeus Stevens.
He writes a monthly column about Stevens called, The Thaddeus Stevens Chronicles.
Everyone Is Welcome, Refreshments will follow
Public is invited, free.  Visit www.middleburgmasondixon.org or call 301-739-0357.

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